How would you feel if one night changed your life forever. One day just another normal girl, the next dragged into a life you never thought you'd have.
Follow Skyler's life as she goes through the unexpected journey of love, life, and a change she never thought she'd go through.
Will she fit in her new life or will she be forced to be on the outside once again.


1. Characters

Skyler Morgan (17): 

Alex Morgan (14):

Caleb Days (17):

CeCe Crandon (15):

Nic Crandon (17):

Beau Smit (16):

Will Denga (17):

Davis Warnet (17):

Toby Bell (14):


Prologue (Skyler's POV)

"Skyler, Skyler!" 

I blink awake to see my little brother Alex standing at the base of my bed, holding two shirts in his hands.

"What do you want Alex?" I grumbled, pulling the pillow over my head.

Alex yanked the pillow off my head. "We're starting the new school today. You have to help me pick a shirt!"

I sat up rubbing my eyes. Alex shoved two shirts under my nose, one was a dark red with Obey on the front and the other was a light green shirt with a front pocket. "Which one?"

"The red one." I muttered, getting out of bed shoving Ales towards my door. "Now get out so I can get dressed."

"Mom wants you down in 10." Alex yelled as he headed towards his room at the end of the hall. 

I opened my closet flipping though my clothes. My parents had made us move to California over the summer. Compared  to Nebraska, California was amazing. 

I pulled on a short floral dress with light brown sandals, I place my phone, mascara and lip gloss in my purse before heading down the stairs. Alex sat at the table eating cereal. 

"Hey Skyler." My mom said from the stove. "Want some breakfast?"

I shake my head. "The toast is burning and the bacon is undercooked."

My mom frowned at me. "How can you be sure?"

I shrug. "I can." I turn to Alex. "I'll leaving if you want a ride."

Alex threw his bowl in the sink grabbing his backpack off the back of the chair. "Bye Mom."

"Bye Skyler, Bye Alex." Mom said. 

I grabbed my backpack following Alex out the door. Alex hopped in the passenger seat of my golden Infinite as I slid into the driver's seat. 

"Ready?" I asked as I pulled out of the driveway.

Alex nodded, his eyes darting around. "At least i'm going in as a freshmen. You're going in as a junior."

"Shut up." I smirked. "I'll be fine."

"There it is." Alex said point to a long building with a sign in front of it. "Northwest Meck High school."

I let out a sigh pulling into a parking spot between a two trucks. Kids we're mingling around the cars in their little groups. I turn off the car turning to Alex. "I'll meet you back here at 3 got it?"

Alex nodded hopping out of the car. "See ya."

I stepped out of the car, shouldering my backpack. "Good luck Skyler." I muttered under my breath walking towards the building.

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