You've Got My Number

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2. .:2:.

While I wait for Jade, I hear a little knock on my door.

"Mummy! I NEED A WEEWEE... LIKE... NOW!!!" Darcy, my daughter says.

You must be confuzed, eh? Well, I was clubbing with everyone a few days after me and Zayn's break-up. Well, Harry and I were really drunk and we had sex... Little did I know i was going to carry Darcy Gemma Styles.

Darce (her nickname, cute, eh?) has long, black, curly hair, which lands on her butt. She has my big eyes, harrys nose & dimples, and my smile.

Shes a music/sing/dance girl though, she has a guitar, a little dance room and a mic, which has a big frog on it, (Her choice, not mine!)...

I open the door to let her in, but before she does anything, i tickle her.

"Mummy!!! Stooooopppp p-pleaase!" She beggs.

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