April Winters, now called Autumn Summers met The Head-Killer once. She's the sole survivor.
He escaped authorities. He wants his one and only back. He thinks there is only one way to drive her back into his arms. She needs to know he still wants her.
Dean is the agent assigned to this case. He needs to find a way to protect Autumn. He needs to find a way to stop The Head-Killer from wanting her, for he wants her himself.
It's going to be a crazy ride. Will Autumn and Dean come out on top? That's the question I'll leave you with.


22. Chapter 21

Chapter 21


- Autumn's POV -


I felt someone's lips being pressed against mine. They didn't feel like Dean's but who else would kiss me. I only ever sleep next to Dean and I only kiss him. Or at least I haven't kissed anyone else but him in ages. I moved my lips against his in response to his kiss. As his tongue slipped out and licked over my lower lip I moaned out his name. Then suddenly his lips left mine. I opened my eyes to see an angry looking James. His eyes shone with hatred and his hands clenched themselves close.  I shook with fear as I looked up at him. His jaw clenched. He let out a quiet but dangerous hiss.

"Dean!" He grumbled with anger, his tone deep and harsh.

"I am fucking not Dean! I am the man you will love. Dean is just in the fucking past! I am James, your one and only!" He shouted in my face; spit flying out of his mouth onto me.

I shrank to a ball in fear of what was about to come. He noticed my shaking and turned even angrier than he already was, even though I thought that wasn't even possible. I could feel sweat drip down my back.

"You don't get to be afraid of me. You are going to listen to me!" He shouted as I cowered away in fear. His hand lifted behind his head and suddenly flew out. It hit me square in the jaw. Stars appeared in front of my eyes and soon I fell into a peaceful darkness.

I tried to stretch as I awoke, but I found my hands and legs tied to the bedposts. I couldn't move one inch. I struggled to get free, but that was probably the worst thing that I could have done.

"Oh good you're awake again. Let's try this again." James said to me as he crawled over me. I could feel the hairs of his legs on my bare legs. As I felt that I registered I wasn't wearing any clothing.

"What did you do to my clothing?" I asked him as his head lowered. I turned my head and hoped for an answer.

"You don't need any clothing while you're here. You're just going to stay here, tied t the bed till you know just as much as I know how much you belong with me. How much you belong to me!"

His finger trailed a path from behind my ear till my stomach and even lower. He caressed me with simple touches. As much as I hated it, my body started to respond to his touches. My body liked what he did. A tear slipped out of my arm. I turned my head in a harsh motion and looked to the wall next to me. It was white. There were a few spots on it, some red, some black. The black ones were probably insects that he had killed. The red ones I didn't even want to know what they were from. His hands kept touching me. Instead of soft touches everywhere he focused more on my more erogenous zones. Rolling my nipples between his fingers I felt them harden. I could barely suppress a moan and tried to focus on the wall beside me. What could I see more on it? There was a crack along the bottom of the wall. The crack had some blue outlining, as if it was a blue wall before it was white. I felt his mouth on my other nipple, sucking softly. I let out a soft whimper. He grinned against my skin and bit softly. I let out another whimper. No! Focus on the wall. No sounds should come out of me. I scanned the wall for more things to see. In the corner I saw some yellow. What could the yellow be? I scanned my brain for answers, but all I could come up with was even more paint, but that seemed too easy. Maybe it was a stain of something that bumped into the wall. Maybe it was some powder from one of the flowers I had seen standing outside. I felt one of his hands slip down and slowly glide through my wet slid. I shivered with the new feelings running through me. His hand focused more on my clit. I couldn't keep in my sounds as he kept playing my body like an instrument made for him. I tried to focus some more on the wall. I turned my head a little and saw a little photograph standing in another corner. The photograph was in black and white. It was an older woman, but not like an elderly, more like she was in her 30's. She seemed to have light hair and dark eyes. I could see some freckles on her nose and cheeks. Her clothing appeared to be very old. She wore an old maid's hat and a dark dress. The dress closed with buttons. A finger entered me slowly. Slowly pumping back and forth. Couldn't he just get this all over with? I turned to look at another spot on the wall. Desperately trying to find another spot, crack or stain. To find something else to focus on. I heard a fly in the room. The low buzzing of its wings flapping so it could stay in the air. What I would give to be that fly right now. To not be experiencing this.

"You're ready." He said to me. I whimpered in sadness and let out a sigh as I felt him enter me. He stretched me to the far ends of what I could handle. As he started to thrust I felt myself climb a mountain. I found another spot and focused on it, trying to get rid of staying in the here and now, I would rather fly away in freedom. The spot had the shape of an elephant; next to it was a spot in the shape of a bear. It made me think about the one time I went to the zoo with some friends when I was younger. We were amazed by all of the animals, they were so big and they looked so soft. We had the chance to get lifted by an elephant. He wrapped his trunk around my tiny waist and lifted me on top of him. I grabbed his large flappy ears and held on to him as he made a round in the room we were in. Then he lifted me of him and let out a large happy trumpet sound. James let out a loud groan as he shot his stuff into me. As soon as he had shot everything he slid out of me.

"Now it's your turn, my Love." He said as he started to play with my body again. Not long after I came with a quiet sigh. My body had betrayed me. My emotions were blank. I was completely numb as I looked back at the ceiling. I just had to find a way to get through this all.

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