April Winters, now called Autumn Summers met The Head-Killer once. She's the sole survivor.
He escaped authorities. He wants his one and only back. He thinks there is only one way to drive her back into his arms. She needs to know he still wants her.
Dean is the agent assigned to this case. He needs to find a way to protect Autumn. He needs to find a way to stop The Head-Killer from wanting her, for he wants her himself.
It's going to be a crazy ride. Will Autumn and Dean come out on top? That's the question I'll leave you with.


21. Chapter 20

Chapter 20


- The Head-Killer's POV -


I finally had her. I finally had my one and only. I finally got what I needed. She cooperated with me perfectly. We arrived at the house I found outside in the middle of nowhere. We were surrounded by the woods. The house stood empty, but still had furniture. I lifted her out of the car and brought her inside. I placed her down on the couch and took of her coat. I walked back to the car and grabbed her bag. I placed it next to her. I quickly looked through her pockets and found her phone. I turned it off and placed it somewhere she would never find it. I wrote her a short note.


My dearest,


I am outside getting some wood for the fireplace

Be back at about 7 PM

There's food in the cabinets if you want to eat something


Love you,



I placed it by her head so she would see it when she woke up. I walked outside and grabbed my axe. I started to work on my pile of wood.

As the sun started to set I thought my pile was large enough and started to bring it inside. The sun made the world outside a nice pink, red and orange color. I looked to the couch and saw that April was still out cold. Guess she didn't need my note.

I started to cook dinner out of a can of food I found in one of the cabinets. I would have to buy some food and I would have to find some electricity some time soon. I cooked the soup till it was boiling. Then I just let it stir for a while.

I walked back to the living room where I lit some candles. April started to move and moan a little. The side effect of the chloroform is; she gets a head ache. I moved to her and placed a hand on her shoulder.

"Hey April, wake up sweetheart." I said as I shook her shoulder.

"No, I need 5 more minutes." She said in her husky just-waking-up voice.

"Wait, what am I doing here? Where am I?" She asked, looking a lot clearer from her eyes.

"You came to me remember? You couldn't stay away from me."

"Oh right." She murmured as she laid back down on the couch.

"I've got dinner ready for you." I said. That got her up pretty fast. She walked to the kitchen and sat down. I gave her a bowl of soup and sat down with my own across from her.

She looked so perfect. Her crop top showing a piece of her stomach and her jean shorts showing so much leg. Her legs looked so nice and soft. They looked so long. We ate our dinner in silence. I stole glances at her every few seconds. To see if she really was here. She really was. I finally had her. I let out a quiet sigh of pleasure and went to do the dishes.

"You go make yourself at home." I said to her.

"Okay." She answered as she went through the door towards the couch. I watched her move to the couch and saw her curl up. She grabbed the remote and started to watch a show.

I quickly did the dishes and sat down across from her on my chair.

"It's bed time." I said after a while.

"Follow me to our bedroom." I ordered her. She got up, grabbed her bag and followed me.

I walked into our room and showed her the closet filled with clothes for her. I pointed her to the bathroom and showed her the towels and utensils.

I walked back into our room and took of my jeans and my shirt. I waited for her to emerge from the bathroom, whilst sitting on the bed.

"James, could you hand me some pajamas? I forgot to get them." She yelled from the bathroom. She held out her arm through the door. I could see the stray drops of water falling off them.

I walked into the closet and grabbed the black lace nightgown from it. I couldn't wait to see her in it. I gave it to her and she quickly slid back into the bathroom. Moments later she arose from the bathroom in her nightgown. It looked perfect on her. The gown was completely see through and hid nothing. The fabric clang to every curve of her body. Her nipples hardened because of the cold. I opened the covers for her and she slid in quickly. I walked around the bed and slid in on the other side beside her. I looked at her while she turned her back to me. I wrapped my arm around her waist and held her close to me. After what seemed forever she fell asleep. Her breathing slowed and evened out and she curled up even more. She pushed herself further into my embrace, looking for the warmth of my body. I stared at her body. I listened to her breathing. I couldn't wait to get her as my one and only. I already had her, but now she would have to want me. I would get her to want me.

She turned around to face me in her sleep. Her eyes closed in full peace. A look of satisfaction on her face. If it was up to me that look would be on her face forever. Only I could make her feel like this. Only I could satisfy her. Only I can love her. She is mine forever.

She let out a quiet moan of pleasure as she smiled. She seemed to be having a dream filed with happiness and pleasure and joy. She seemed to be dreaming so deep. I slid my hand to her face, cupping her cheek in the process. I caressed her with my thumb. I moved a string of her from her face and placed it behind her ear. She slept through all of it. I stared at her face, seeing her mouth make these little movements made me want to kiss her.

I moved my head right above hers and placed my hands on both sides of her head. I bend down a little and caressed her lips with mine. She didn't react.

I used a little more pressure and kissed her. Her lips felt so soft. Her lips stayed impassive for a while, as she was still sleeping. Suddenly she started moving her lips in synch with mine.

"Hmm Dean." She moaned. Dean! Damn it! She should be moaning my name. She should be mine completely!

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