April Winters, now called Autumn Summers met The Head-Killer once. She's the sole survivor.
He escaped authorities. He wants his one and only back. He thinks there is only one way to drive her back into his arms. She needs to know he still wants her.
Dean is the agent assigned to this case. He needs to find a way to protect Autumn. He needs to find a way to stop The Head-Killer from wanting her, for he wants her himself.
It's going to be a crazy ride. Will Autumn and Dean come out on top? That's the question I'll leave you with.


11. Chapter 10

Chapter 10


- The Head-Killer’s POV -


Fuck they placed them into a hotel. They check the mail. I need to find another way to get them to her. She needs to get them. I need to get her! I walked back to the park. Again. I hope she runs here again. She used to run here, so maybe I will get lucky. I need to get her! My needs rise and those bodies I had don’t help. I need more bodies. I need another kill. I need to fuck another body. I walked past a clothes shop and I got a great idea. I walked in and quickly went to the cashier.

“Is the manager in?” I asked her.

“No it’s just me today, can I help you with something?” She looked so innocent.

“Yeah you can, I found this thing and I don’t know what to do with it.” I was deliberately vague.

“Okay yeah sure, if you could show me sir?” She came from behind the counter and followed me to the back. I brought her to the dressing rooms and pointed in an empty one.

“What-” I quickly clamped my hand over her mouth.

“No sounds, you understand me?!” I told her. She nodded. Why wasn’t I prepared today? Ugh!

“Okay little girl this is the plan, you are going to pack some really nice clothes form the store for me, you will take of the alarm! You understand?! After packing I want you to come back to me and remember no move! If you do something I don’t want you to I will kill you!”

“Yes sir!” She whispered while shivering. I could feel her legs tremble and I could hear her soft pants. She walked back into the store and went to grab some clothes from the racks. She put them in some bags from the store.

“Okay little girl, we’re going to leave now.” I grabbed her arm and pulled her behind me. We walked to the empty area besides the park as I call it and I searched for a good place to open my makeshift murder-store.

We entered the building and I looked around.

“Now little girl you go put those clothes on the railing and I will get some customers for our shop. If you make any move in the wrong direction I will kill you in a slow and painful manner!” I yelled at her. She looked at me quite startled and started to move to put the clothes on the racks.

“CLOTHES FOR FREE, CLOTHES FOR NOTHING, CLOTHES FOR FREE” I started yelling as I walked through the park. Some young women looked up with a look that said I would love some free clothes.

“Excuse me sir, but where do we have to be for those clothes?” I got asked by a perfect young woman. She had black hair and she was quite short, about 5’4”, and she had the same icy blue eyes as April.

“Oh you go down that street and then it’s the second building on the right my sister will be there to assist.” I said to her and as soon as I said where she ran away. I had to laugh at her innocence, that won’t be for long now. I walked a little further and then returned. As I walked into my murder-store I saw that I already had about 5 women in there, maybe more, I wasn’t really counting. I turned to the door and closed it. I placed a lock on it and I turned around.

“Girls, I have some more clothes down there in the back do you want to see them?” I asked. They eagerly nodded.

“Okay ladies first.” I pointed with my hand. They all walked down the stairs and I closed the door behind me. I also locked that door and made sure I hit the key in a hard place to find. I got my gun from under my shirt and walked into the room.

“Sir where are all the clothes?” The girl that spoke to me in the park asked.

“Nowhere honey. You all, go stand in that corner and one by one come forward. You, Little girl with the raven black hair come here!” I commanded.

“Here is some rope, go tie all of the women together and make sure that I can tie you to them too!” I showed her my gun.

“Yes sir.” She said like a nice obedient masochist. She walked towards the women and tied their wrists together.

“Wait, leave the girl that was my supposedly sister, she will go first.” She walked further and nodded. She left cashier girl untied and went to stand at the end of the line. I walked to them and tied her hands together.

“Okay now little girl, you come with me!” I led her to the table in front of the other women. I placed her down and tied her to the table.

“I will be back in a minute girls.” I said to them as I walked back upstairs. I got the key and opened the door. I locked it behind me. I still had plans for the girls. I walked to my other compound in that empty area and grabbed my tools from there. With a big bag I walked back to the girls.

“Hello ladies I’m back!” I said as I entered the basement again. They looked at me like scared little mouse.

“So first I want to know your names, just your first names please. Going from left to right okay!” I nodded at the girl standing on the left; she was the one with the raven black hair.

“Hi sir, I’m D-D-Demi.” She said with a stutter, I bet she was wondering what this all was about.

“Okay, next!”

“Uhm I’m Claire” “I’m Alyssa” “I’m April” “I’m Eve” “and I’m Regina.” Finished the last girl.

“Okay so the girl on the table is Monique. You will all watch as you see what will happen to Monique.” They all squirmed under my view.

“Monique, dear, dear, Monique… What should I do with you?” I asked her. She shook her head.

“Oh poor little girl. You have no say in what will happen to you!” I walked to my bag and pulled out a steel dildo.

“So little girl, I have two of these, I guess you know where they will go.” She started to shake.

“No no please, I’m still a virgin.” She cried.

“Oh do you want someone else to take your place?” She took too long with thinking of her answer.

“Okay, as you wish, Regina come over, you will take her place!” I said to her. I untied both girls and retied them after that.

Now Regina laid on my table of torture.  I cut off her clothes with my scalpel and pulled them away from her. I pulled her legs a bit apart and bound them tighter. I grabbed my biggest dildo and placed it against her asshole. I slowly started to push.

“NO AAH OUCH YOU SON OF A BITCH!” She screamed at me. I slowly pushed further till it was in completely. Then I grabbed my other dildo, that was slightly smaller and I quickly shoved it up her pussy. Regina was crying already and I could see some of the girls against the wall shiver in fear.

“Now what will I do with this?”  I held up some lines that I could plug into a machine that could be plugged into the electricity of this building.

“Oh I know I will place these on those dildos!” I said in a happy tone. I was in my element. I quickly placed all the lines where they go and I turned on the machine on a low voltage.

“Mmm.” Regina moaned on the table. The bitch is enjoying this. Well let’s see if she likes a higher voltage. I slowly cranked up the voltage and watched as her body continued to spasm. I heard her screams get louder and louder. I could see her pussy and ass turn red with electric burns. Then her screams stopped. I turned off the electricity and checked her pulse. Good she was gone. I enjoyed her screams till the end. Sadly enough I can’t fuck her, because of the risk of her still containing electricity. I grabbed my saw and quickly cut her head off and placed it in a box. I quickly shoved her body on the ground.

“This is what will happen to all of you! Now I want you all, except for the last one to look into the bag and pick your method of dying.” I dragged them over and let them have a look inside the bag.

“Sir, can we also pick the gun you had?” Eve asks as she looks inside.

“Yes of course.” I answered her.

“I would like to die by the gun.” She said with no tremble in her voice and she stood steady on her legs. She is going to wish she died in some way else.

“Okay.” I untied her and brought her to the table I laid her down and bound her again.

“Girls, you have had enough time to pick. Pick now or I’ll decide!” I yelled at the others, except for Demi as I was already deciding her death.

“I want to die by this thing.” April said. April that was her name, now she’s named Autumn.

“Okay take your choice of murder weapon in your hand and stand back against the wall with it.” I said to the girls. As the girls went to stand back against the wall I grabbed my gun from my pants and loaded it with bullets.

The first shot I pointed at her ankles. She let out a silent scream as the bullet pierced through her flesh and bones. Then I sliced of her clothes, again with the scalpel.

“You know what girls, why don’t you all just cut your clothes off.” I said to the others and I brought the first in line the scalpel. They obediently started to cut.

I turned around and looked back at Eve. I had to figure out where I would shoot next. I guess she only has three holes I can put the gun in so I will just do that. I quickly shoved the gun deep up her pussy as I had plans to fuck her and I needed her to be remotely in one piece for that. I pulled the trigger and a loud scream followed, after that there were no sounds. Guess the girl lost her conscious. I did the same with her ass and her mouth and after that I retrieved the scalpel. The other girls were naked by now. I placed the gun somewhere safe and pulled of my pants. I shoved my hard dick up her pussy. I loved the way her blood made it easier for me to enter her. I loved that she didn’t make a noise. She was turning pale and she became stiff.  I let out one last grunt and then I shot my seed into her body.

I quickly decapitated her and I shoved her body out of the way. I wanted to work quickly. I needed to kill the last one, Demi. She reminds me of Autumn. Maybe she knows her. I placed the girls on the table one for one and killed them with the weapon of their choice, fucking each one after I was done. And decapitating them and disposing of their bodies.

Then it was the turn of Demi. I placed her on the table.

“So Demi, we are going to have a little talk while waiting for my friend to come by with my present. And while we have that talk I will reward you for honest answers.”

“O-Okay.” She looked a bit pale.

“Demi, do you know an Autumn Summers?” I asked her. She was visibly shocked.

“N-N-No.” She lied.

“Oh your face and body tell me otherwise.” I pushed my dick in her pussy and waited for her scream. Which she gave as if she read my thoughts.

“Okay maybe.” Ah an honest answer. I thrust a couple of times in her.

“Ah good girl. How do you know her?” I kept thrusting and thrusting. She actually felt quite good. She was tight.

“S-S-She i-is my b-b-best f-fr-friend.” She said. Well this is a surprise. I guess I caught a big fish. This will learn Autumn, to get away from me. I fucked her into oblivion and she came a couple of times on my dick. Her tears kept streaming from her eyes.

“Okay.” I said as I heard a knock on the door. I opened it and there was my present. Its graceful orange fur with black stripes. The look of hunger in his eyes. Perfect for this job. I led my present down on his leash and waited for the look on her face.


“Yeah little girl, go enjoy it.” I brought the tiger closer to its prey. I had already put his favorite food on Demi so he would smell her. He would leave her head to be cut off.

 I brought him even closer and he jumped on the table.

“No No NO Please!”She begged me. The tiger began licking her. As he felt her flesh he brought out his teeth. They looked to vicious. He bit down in her leg and started to claw at her flesh.

“NO AAAA.” She screamed. She began to squirm to try and get the tiger to stop. Then the tiger hit her with a claw. She got a huge cut across her neck. Guess she made the tiger mad because he stepped on her head with a claw and her head just fell of under the weight of the tiger. Guess that’s less work for me. I tranquilized the tiger and let his caretakers take him away. Then I placed my last head in a box and I went to post all of them.

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