Summer was nearing and Rachel's flat mates decided to get healthy before summer began! It's was already may! Two months to go. But on their first day of fitness it doesn't really go as planned. Rachel felt bad and decided to be the chef tonight, at the store leading to another accident, changing her life for good.
Harry helped her around a bit but everything takes a turn as Rachel grows close the Harry, and everything isn't what it seems.


2. Fool out of myself

chapter two


fool out of myself 


I flipping tripped! i went flying over a large stone on the path, and landed.... In front of some random guys. I felt so bad, I landed so close I head butted his shoes! 

"Oh my gosh I'm so sorry!" I felt so much pain my ankle was hurting like hell.

"no it's fine, are you ok?" 

"Sort of my ankle hurts." 

"Ok. Erm. He helped my up to my feet. Do you need a lift home or?" 

"No, this is my flat right here" 

"oh ok, let me help you in.",

he let me lean on his shoulder as I limbed In through the door. He walked me through to the living room and helped my onto the sofa. Right then, Jessy came down stairs from her room.

"ok so, Emma's in the showers so we will have to wait an--"

"who's this"

"it's just a guy he helped my in I tripped and hurt my ankle"

"oh gosh, are you ok " 

"not really,"

"ok I'll call a doctor."

Jessy turned to the guy thanked him and he left. 

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