Summer was nearing and Rachel's flat mates decided to get healthy before summer began! It's was already may! Two months to go. But on their first day of fitness it doesn't really go as planned. Rachel felt bad and decided to be the chef tonight, at the store leading to another accident, changing her life for good.
Harry helped her around a bit but everything takes a turn as Rachel grows close the Harry, and everything isn't what it seems.


3. Broken ankle

chapter three


broken ankle


The doctor came not long after the boy left and Jessy called up. He came round did a check up on my foot and told me that my ankle was broken. Great! I felt so bad inside, I felt like I'd already ruined Emma's get healthy project because I could take part properly. The told me the injury was too bad and it should heal up in about a month, he gave me some medication pills and left. I was to take the tablets twice a day, one at 10am and 10pm.

i wanted to burst into tears but I knew I shouldn't because I'd look silly in front of my friends, and I didn't want them to think less of me. 

"Emma I'm really sorry for ruining the get healthy thing, I know I can't really do much in it now"

"no no it's fine! You can steal do some things right? Like eating?" 

"Yes! Of course! Jessy I'm also sorry for the being a total mess and you having to look after since we got back this morning." 

"Rachel, it's fine honestly."


it was about 3pm now and I still felt awful even though I hadn't really don anything bad. I decided that I'd make dinner for the girls tonight and a healthy one to. The doctor told me I could still drive with the cast he put on earlier today. So I hopped into my car and drove to the food store.

when I got there, I wasn't really sure what to buy so I just picked up a lot of sadly things like peppers and cucumber. I found some special chicken and rice that seemed healthy and se berries and vanilla ice cream to make some fruit smoothies with. 

Once i paid I placed the shopping bags to the trolley and walked over to my car. Began to put the bags to the boot of my car. Once I'd down I started to walk over to where you put the trolleys after use. Then I began to rain. Well this is fantastic. I quickly jogged over the the trolley place and started to run what to the car. By now it was already 4:30 I had to get back home quick. 


Fucking great! You'll never guess what happened next!


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