Truth Or Dare <AdamLambert>

When a lucky fan gets invited to Adam Lambert's home after his concert, she gets a game of Truth or Dare and things start to get heated up! To find out more, just read and find out!


2. Chapter 1

Tiffany's POV:

It's finally the day of Adam Lambert's concert and I can't wait. While I was getting my outfit and accessories on, my phone rang with the ringtone of Adam's song Pop That Lock. I checked to see who called me and saw that my older sister Claire B called me! I answered and said "Hiya Sis" "Hey Sis, Ready to go?" I said "Yes I'm ready, waiting for you to pick me up" Yes, I have my car and drive but Claire decided to drive to the concert tonight instead. Claire replied "Gonna meet up at your home, I'll text you when I'm near your home" "OK Sis. See ya then. Love Ya" I hung up my phone placed it into my back pocket, and grabbed my purse and headed straight outside. My sister pulled up and I got in hugged her and off we went to the concert. We arrived on time and jaded like tickets and sat down front row where we could see a close up of Adam performing. Adam came on stage and greeted his fans then started singing his everyone of his songs. After the concert was almost over, Adam sang his last song For Your Entertainment. While he sang, he locked eyes with me and never looked away. I kept blushing and wondering why he kept looking at me without looking away. I just ignored it and just let him look at me as much as possible. The concert was over and he waved good-bye and blowed kisses to his fans and left backstage. Me and Claire got hungry since we hadn't eaten since breakfast so we headed to a cafe that was around the concert area. We ate our dinner and drank our bud light like beer. We ate happily and knew we had the greatest night of our lives.

Adam's POV:

While I sang my last song of For Your Entertainment, I couldn't help but take my eyes off of one of my gorgeous fangirl. I'm backstage at the moment getting my belongings but I can't stop thinking about that girl I had to meet her. I figured she would be at the cafe so I headed down there and finally I did find her and possibly her sister there having dinner. I walked over and said to her "Hi there gorgeous". She started to blush as I called her gorgeous but did talk and said "Hiya Adam, Whatcha Doin' here?" "I'm here to find this gorgeous girl I kept my eyes locked on while I performed my last song For Your Entertainment" She looked at me confused wondering who I was talking about. I said "It's you beautiful" She started blushing even more. "Since you know my name, what's yours?" I asked in a nice way. She said "My name's Tiffany Meiling but please call me Tiff and that's my big sister ClaireB" "Glad to meet you Tiff and Claire" Then, I decided to ask her a special question like any other celebrity would ask a special fan. "I have a question to ask you, would you be honored to visit my home, your sister's invited too?" Tiffany said happily "Of Course,Yes. We would love to" I was glad she said yes and so for that I grabbed her hand while she linked arms with her sister and led them to my car. She'll have a fun night.


Hope you enjoyed Chapter 1. Chapter 2 coming your way shortly. Stay Tuned! XO's to my sweets!

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