louis twin sister

hi my name is alexandria olivia tomilson louis is my twin and they call me alex the boys just got back from tour but liam and zayn were acting weird louis said that's cause their gf's broke up with them but why are they taking it out on me
(btw this is my first movellas i just joined on 8/13/14 at 10:10 so i hope you like it my cousin helped me she loves one direction too !!!!! )


5. planning and losing my confidence

louis prov ......... 

as soon as alex left we started to put together my presents for her and for christmas the boys already got their's for her and are helping me  


just as we finished her presents and the christmas presents and put them away just in time because alex and kaylee walked in said hi i looked at the time and saw it was 10 and they just got here so i started to yell at her 

alexandria olivia tomlinson where have you been it is 10  

i screamed  

we lost track of time with shopping and we went to get starbucks and you are not the boss of me i am about to be 20 so shut the fuck up and stay away from me  

she screamed   

when she screamed it was the first time me ,kaylee or the boys seen her scream and it startled us  

kaylee had and harry had to hold her back from me because she was about to punch me and niall and liam and zayn were holding me back we were screaming and fighting for an hour till she went upstairs with kaylee 


                       kaylee,  niall,harry,zayn ,and liam  prov .....

that was the first time i had seen her yell or scream at louis or in general 


                                    alex prov ......... 

i was so mad kaylee had to drag me upstairs  i calmed down 

sorry about that all the emotions that i had bottled up for 5 years just came out 

kay i said   

k=it's ok so what was the plan alex  

so i was planning on going at 1 in the morning drive there check into a hotel sleep till 8 and get ready drive there and i should be on at 10 so i was going to have you come here and ask to hang out so they will call me down but you will say not with alex you she has to get ready for your birthday surprise they will say ok and and at 10 ask if you could see if you could watch the rest of x factor and when i come on you yell surprise and say happy birthday and you will watch if i make it and i will call you on the phone you will put it on speaker i well yell surprise love you and hang up and come home christmas morning sound good 

k= yea that is awsome  alex and dont be nervous you will make it 

l= dinners ready and sorry alex  

louis said  

its okay boobear  

i said and hugged and kissed his cheek 

lets go eat louis said  

ok me and kaylee said at the same time and ran downstairs after dinner i drove kaylee home came back took a shower and changed and laid on the bed staring in too space when the door creeked open and liam and zayn came in and locked the door  

they came on the bed and started to hit and punched me then they both raped me  

once they were done they left me laying there nacked and crying 


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