The Tree of Knowledge

The irony of being named Eve and having a guy in her theology class who is named Adam is a little much. Unintentionally Eve added on to the irony by finding a nice place to study, under an apple tree. Adam now is constantly trying to flirt with her while another guy can't stop looking at her and ironically he is snake-like. Will he try to tempt her or does he just like her?


2. The Tree

Half of the time through out class I either spent my head down or looking out the window. I can't seem to look at anyone right now, especially Adam. He keeps trying to get my attention, but I'm still embarrassed. At one point during class almost everyone was singing "Adam and Eve sitting in a tree K-I-S-S-I-N-G!"

I wasn't sure how much more I could take, when the teacher thankfully dismissed the class. I bolted out of there before Adam or anyone could try to talk to me. I went out the back to this tree I saw when I was looking out the window. No one seemed to ever come here, so it looked like a nice place to hang and by hang I mean hide.

When I got a closer look it almost made me want to cry of humiliation. It is an apple tree. I brave the irony enough to sit down and lean up against the trunk. I thankfully don't have a class right now, so I just clothes my eyes and try to not think about class.

Someone kicks the edge of my boot. I look up and see Adam standing above me, "So your name is Eve, right." I smirk "And what was your name? I can't seem to remember, was it...Adam?" He smiles and asks "Do you need help finding your next class? This is my off time." I tell him "Its my of time too." He pulls an apple from the tree "Apple?" He says, holding it out to me. "To much irony in one day." I tell him, "You choose to sit under an apple tree of all places and you're talking to me about irony!" He exclaims, "I didn't realize it was an apple tree until I got out here, plus no one seems to come this way anyway." I try to explain, he sits next to me "Then I shall make more irony by sitting next to you and completing the scene." He says.

For a while we just sit and talk, until he decides to take me to my next class. When we reach the building he pulls out a map of campus and hands it to me "I think this will help you get around, but I'm happy to be your escort any time." He says smiling, which he does a lot.

I start to walk inside when Adam calls "Eve, wait a sec!" I stop and he jogs up next to me and whispers in my ear. "I don't want to alarm you, but I just wanted to say that I find you attractive and will probably flirt with you more. I just wanted to give you a heads up because you seem oblivious to the fact that I'm flirting with you." He heads off to his next class before I can say anything, not that I actually would have said anything if he stayed. I'm to in shock. I walk into my class feeling numb as I take a seat.

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