The Tree of Knowledge

The irony of being named Eve and having a guy in her theology class who is named Adam is a little much. Unintentionally Eve added on to the irony by finding a nice place to study, under an apple tree. Adam now is constantly trying to flirt with her while another guy can't stop looking at her and ironically he is snake-like. Will he try to tempt her or does he just like her?


1. In the Beginning

The first day of college and I can't even find my dorm. I had the worst time just finding the building. Just to walk all the way across campus just to find out it was back on the other side of campus was horrible. So when I finally made it to the building, I think, I was relieved and exhausted.

I walk inside the building and pull the slip of paper with my room number out, room number: two twenty-two. I lug my bags up to the second floor and take a breath of air. I walk through the hall and reach my dorm room. When I put in the key I pray that it opens and when it does I let out a sigh of relief.

My roommate seems to have already unpacked all her things and is now lounging on her bed with earbuds in.

After I put down my stuff I walk over to her and tap on her shoulder. Her eyes and head snap toward me and I jump back startled. She yanks out her earbuds and stands up. "You must be Eve." She say, "And you must be Nora." I reply, she nods and sits back down on her bed plugging her earbuds back in.

Nice to meet you too. Oh well, if she stays out of my way I'll stay out of hers. That's the kind of vibe she gives off. Her black hair and dark eyes making her look even more like I shouldn't bother her. What a great way to start the day.

I unpack my stuff and sit on the bed, I'm so tired that I fall asleep almost immediately.

Nora nudges my arm with her hand. "I'm going to the bonfire. Come if you want." She states flatly, I nod though I don't follow. I don't do parties or large social situations that most likely involve alcohol.

I throw my books into my bag for tomorrow and change into my pajamas and go back to sleep.

- - -

When I wake up, I wearily glance at the alarm clock. It's 8:45 my class starts in fifth teen minutes. I forget to set my alarm clock and I still don't know how to find my way around campus. I quickly change into my clothes, grab my schedule and run down the stairs.

When I reach the door I pull the schedule out and look at my first class: theology. I have no idea where I'm going and I start panicking looking around at the towering building around me. I feel people starring at me and try to calm down and comb through my hair knowing it's probably a mess.

A guy with dark brown hair and tan skin comes towards me. "Do you need any help?" He asks, I nod and say "I woke up late and I have no idea how to get to any of my classes." I state quickly, "Okay, tell me what your first class is and I'll help you get there." I nod and hand him my schedule, he smiles and says "I have the same theology class, you can walk with me." I nod and follow him, I comb through my hair as we walk. I eventually work up the courage to speak up again "Sorry about that, I know I was acting a little panicky. I just really do not want to be late on my first day." He smiles "It's okay, I'm sure I would have done the same thing. Plus I'm sure the bonfire tired you out." He says, "I didn't go to the bonfire." I admit.

"That's why I didn't see you there. I was thinking that I would have recognized someone like you." He says, I raise an eyebrow at him "Someone like me?" He smiles "I didn't mean it like that. You just seem less peppy or gothic. More....normal, but in a good way." I'm guessing that's his version of a compliment " Thanks, I guess. But it's not like you know me." I mumble, he smiles again "I'm a very good judge of character." He says.

We reach the building and all that's left are a few seats at the front. I take a seat near the side of the wall and the guy sits next to me. I realize I don't even know his name. The professor starts class by saying "We're going to start class by learning one another's names, starting with the lovely lady in front." He says gesturing to me, great. I stand up and say my name "Eve." And sit back down. I hear a few people snicker and the guy I met stands up and says his name "Adam." And people burst out laughing. Oh, the irony.

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