Just a girl

just a story about a girl named Kasey written only threw journal entries, please read and comment!! :)


1. Wednesday, August 13th, 2014

I thought I was okay for a while, maybe because for a small while I was. But it didn't last, but it never really does. Have you ever just started to think about things that happened in the past? Whether they were bad memories or good ones? Both make me sad because the bad ones bring back the same feelings I had and well as for the good ones, they make me sad because they make me realize what exactly I had and what I lost and how great everything once was. Sometimes, you just have to realize that it can never be the way that it used to, but that's so much more easier said than done when you are still stuck in the past. The thing is, people change, but the memories don't and the memories are the things that stick with you forever and remind you of who those people used to be and how much they have changed, but no matter how much you wish for things to go back to the way they were, they can't. It's just unbelievable how you think you know someone better than they know themselves and then they surprise you, they show they aren't really who they say they are and it turns out they are a different person now and that person you used to know is just gone, just like that. What I will never understand is how someone can just walk out of your life with no explanation and make it look so easy and make it look like you have never meant anything to them. But that's what people don when you are nice to them or when you open up, they use that to their advantage. They walk in and out of your life and walk all over you like a doormat just because they know that you will let them.

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