The sister who stole his heart

Paige Watts is 19 years old today but her story starts in 2010 when she was just 15 years old. The singing prodigy tries out for the X factor determined to win. She didn't make it as far as she wanted to but she met the love of her life on the show. Liam Payne, they make it big but no one really remembers you......


1. prologue

(This whole book is in the POV of Paige)

Ever since I was little I have loved to sing, I sang everywhere that I went. I drove my mum crazy so when I turned 16 she made me try out for the X factor I met Liam there. He was kind and smart and funny. We started dating 2 weeks later. The best part of being with Liam at that point in our relationship was that I could call him whenever and he would answer now not so much. When I tried out for the X factor I sand halo by Beyoncé and got a standing ovation and got a yes from all the judges. I was on the show for 3 months when they sent me home. Though I didn't go home I stayed and watched Liam and the boys every time they were on stage. My life was perfect even thought I wasn't on the show. Until they got sent on tour

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