In This Moment Forever

Junior year, great times. Great laughs . And great boys.


3. Good I guess

Miranda's POV

I sat in my homeroom, waiting and waiting for them to call attendance. "Okay, so welcome to your first year of junior year! I will be your homeroom teacher Mr.Henry." Just wen he finished that sentence my phone buzzed, it was Veronica. "Guess were not in the same homeroom;) lol.xx" Shit . I forgot to respond to her earlier. "Yeah, lmao. First class today is bio." I responded. "Ms.Langar?" I looked up. "Oh, sorry, here sir." I said, and got back to my phone. "aw, well maybe second period. talk to ya later." Veronica texted back. Finally, the bell rang to signal to go to my first period class. I gathered my books, and got up to leave. My next class was in room 301, which was all the way on the other side of the hall. I walked slowly through the crowd of pushing and shoving juniors. Finally , I reached room 301. I was very glad to find out we didn't have assigned seats. When I walked into the room, I saw Louis sitting by himself of the biology classroom. I have to admit, I was kinda happy he would be in my first class every Tuesday. I walked up to his table, and plopped into the seat next to him. "Hello!" I said, with quite a lot of enthusiasm. "Oh great, you're in my first period class today?" Louis said, joking around, while playfully punching my shoulder. I giggled at him. Just then, the teacher began to walk to the front of the class. "Hello boys and girls my name is Mrs.Anfleeto, and I will be your bi-" After that I pretty much zoned out for the rest of the class. All she was going to talk about was what this class consists of, and other crap I couldn't care less about. I sat next to Louis, who also looked pretty zoned out, for the whole class. Before I knew it, my daydreaming and haze was interrupted by the bell, signaling the end of first period. "What class do you have next?" Louis asked me. "I have English room 334." "Oh, cool I have geometry in room 336. Let's walk together?" "Sure." I responded. "Okay, well now you know I little bit about me, so tell me about yourself." Louis asked me. I didn't really know how to respond to that. I don't have what you would call 'a highlighted life.' "Well, um I am 17 years old, I like pop, alternative, and r&b music, I like the color green, and I am very mischievous. Oh! And I love tea." Well that was my response. It kinda can out of now where. "Wow, I love pop and r&b music. And I too am pretty mischievous." Louis said with a smirk. "Well, I'll see you at lunch if I don't see you again in my next classes." I said to him, not really wanting him to leave. "Yep." With that, Louis turned away, and walked into room 336. I wish I could be with him for the whole day. Stupid schedules. I walked into English class, and I was very happy to see Veronica to be sitting in this class. I walked up and sat in the desk right next to her. "Hey. Sorry I didn't text you back earlier. I bumped into someone, and we were talking." I said to her. "It's fine. I figured something must have happened, because you always text back. So who was this person you were talkin-" And just before Veronica could finish that sentence, our English teacher walked into the room. "Good morning class, I'm Mr. Helson." Again, I zoned out for another class. I honestly didn't give two shits about this. I would rather be talking to Louis. I wonder if he feels the same. Does he like talking to me ? I wonder if he can sing. My thoughts were then interrupted by the bell. This time, the bell scared me a little. I got up, gave Veronica a hug goodbye, and walked off to my 3rd class. Just think of it, this class and I will be at lunch with Louis and Veronica.

Louis POV

I had just been leaving my 2nd period class and I wondered what class Miranda had next. Oh well, if she wasn't in this class, at least I would be having lunch with her after this class. "OH MY GOD ITS REALLY YOU!!" I heard a female voice say. I turned around and saw a girl, who was dressed a lot like Miranda was. And her hair was the same, only it was jet black. "Yeah, it's me." I said as I smirked a little bit. The girl walked closer to me. "Hi , I'm Veronica , and I love One Direction." "Oh," I started to say," Well I'm very glad. Thank you." Then, I walked up to her and gave her a hug, and continued on my way to History. I wonder if Miranda knows I'm in One Direction. She didn't really seem phased that she bumped into me, so I'm assuming not. I approached my history class, room 330. I didn't see Miranda, but I did see some seniors in this class. I took my usual seat, in the way back corner of the classroom. I didn't want to be here, I wanted to be with Miranda. "Hello I am Mr.Bulgier." After he said those words, i didn't listen to another word. All I could think about was food, I was starving. It was 11:30 in the morning and I kept thinking. About where I was going to go for lunch. Thank god this school lets us leave to go get our own lunch. Maybe I could take Miranda with me. I think pizza will be goo-. My thought was cut off by the school bell. I was really happy to be going to eat. I went to my locker, and went to find Miranda. "Louis! Over here !" I heard her voice say. I followed the sound of her voice and it led me to her. "Hey, so I was wondering if you wanted to go to-" "OH MY GOD MIRANDA YOULL NEVER GUESS WHO I SAW-" Veronica began to say. Then, she glanced over at me and looked confused but shocked at the same time. "Miranda, do you know who you are standing next to?!?! LOUIS TOMLINSON THE LOUIS TOMLINSON!!" Miranda looked at me and smiled a little bit. "Oh , you're Louis in One Direction right ?" Miranda asked me. " Yeah that's me!" "Veronica this is who I bumped into this morning." Veronica looked like she was going to faint. "Anyway Louis, Veronica is going to drive me for pizza, want to come?" "Yeah sure!" Veronica was basically speechless. We left the building and got into Veronica's car. I realized she had a sunroof. "Can you open the sunroof ?" I asked her. "Yeah, if course." The sunroof opened and Veronica began driving. I tapped Miranda on the shoulder, and motioned for her to stick her head out of the sunroof with me. Miranda smiled so big, and nodded. We stood up, and came out the sunroof. "Wwwwwwoooooo!" Miranda screamed. We were laughing and have a great time. It made me so happy to hear Miranda's laugh. Our hands flew up , and we screamed . It was the best. After we calmed down a bit, Miranda dropped her head and put it on my shoulder. She looked up at me and smiled. I smiled right back. "Alright we're here!" Veronica said. We both got out if the car, and went in the pizzeria. I was starving, and there was so many choices.

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