The Family Project.

Morgan Chambers.
She's Popular but doesnt have guys after her as much as her friends.

What happened when shes paired with a guy to go on a tv show? And raise a family for 2 months?

Find out!


4. Four

I woke up to crying and ran to lukes room.

He was sitting up in his crib and crying.

I picked him up and rocked him back and fourth.

"Whats wrong?" i asked as he quieted down.

"I had a nwightmare" he said.

"Oh it's okay baby come on lets get breakfast" i said.

I walked downstairs and spotted a camera in the top corner of the kitchen.

I laughed and put luke in his high chair.

"Eggs?" i asked.

"Pwancakes!" he giggled.

I smiled and made enough pancakes for us three.

I gave him his bowl of cut up pieces of pancakes and walked up stairs quick.

I walked into my bedroom that i share with him and he was laying on the bed sleeping.

I laughed and started jumping on the bed and he got up fast.

"Get up the babys downstairs eating" i said and ran out of the room.

I sat at the table and laughed at how luke stuffed the pancakes in his mouth.

"Take it slow Luke" i said and jace sat down next to me and smiled at luke.

"Hi Jacy!" luke giggled and jace froze.

"He called you Jacy!" i laughed.

"Luke its Jace not Jacy" he tried to teach the boy.

I laughed and washed our dishes.

"Can you watch him while i take a shower?" i asked and he nodded.

I went to our room and into the bathroom and looked for cameras.

There was none.

I stripped and took a quick shower and got out and pulled on black ripped skinny jeans and a purple v neck.

I got on purple converse and did my hair and make up.

I walked out and saw Jace with Luke on the couch.

"Your turn" he said and went to take a shower while i had given luke a bath and put him in black baby skinny jeans with a small band tee and converse.

I walk out and see Jace in the same thing and i laugh.

"Were going to the movies!" Jace said taking Luke as running out the house.

Did he mean just him and luke? oh well i'll find something to do.

I walked to the bedroom and looked at myself in the mirror and frowned.

No wonder why no boy in school made a move,i may be popular but i was ugly.

"Morgan!" i heard someone shout.

I grabbed my hoodie and walked out.

"What?" i said to him.

"Let's go were going to the movies" he said and i walked to the front door.

I got into the white range rover and we drove to the movies.

We picked 'the bee movie' for luke.

"Aww is that your son?" a lady asked and i froze.

Was he now?

"Yes he is" i smiled and Jace looked shocked at my answer.

"Hes adorable for such young kids" she said a little rudely.

"Im 18 lady" i sneered and walked away with luke in my arms.

"Hes our son now?" jace asked sitting down.

"I consider him mine" i plainly said.

"So were like a family?" he asked.

"Look jace i get it if you don't wanna be his dad but i consider myself as his mom so" i said and jace laughed.

"I'm only 18 and so are you! How could you wanna be someones mom?" he laughed.

my jaw dropped at that and i got angry.

"Because in 2 months this little boy goes back to an orphanage and i have never had someone be so close to me before! No body bothered with me like luke does!" i said hoping luke wouldn't hear hes going back.

"I have i have always been your friend" he said.

"Yeah a friend but you've always bothered more with sophia you never cared about me jace no one really has i mean im ugly no wonder why and all i really have going for me is luke right now" i said and grabbed luke.

"Where we gwoin morgwen?" he said.

"We're going home baby" i said and got him in the car and started driving.

I got a call from brianna when i got home.

"Yeah?" I asked.

"Your currently on tv babe! We witnessed your whole fight!" she said and i looked at the camera in the kitchen and glared.

"It's all true what i said though" i said to her.

" Listen,Jace likes you and that kid is practically yours!" she said.

"I'm thinking of adopting him after the shows seasons over" i whispered.

"Thats great is jace on board?" she asked.

"No" i said and hung up.

I looked over at a sleeping luke and smiled.

I put him to bed and walked to the livingroom.

I sat down and started crying.


Because i can't give that little boy a life he deserves.

Who knows what he went through?

I heard the door open and then someone sit next to me.

I felt arms wrap around me and cuddle me into there chest.

"I'm sorry baby" Jace whispered in my ear.

"I can't give him the life he deserves" i said.

"Then i'll help you but i wanna wait till i finish school and then when we get married" he said and i stopped him.

"Married?" i asked.

"Oh yeah wanna be my girlfriend?" he said smiling at me.

"Sure" i smiled back.

"By the way the cameras arent on us anymore there on blake and brianna" he said and i switched to the channel were on which is mtv.

We were watching then when i leaned in for a kiss and things got a bit out of hand.

I looked at the screen and realise we were on it and so did jace.

"Oh well would you look at that" i said and it repeated on the tv.

"This shit is live" he said pretending to buckle up his pants.

"I need to run to the drug store quick" i said as i felt pain in my stomach.

"Well we obviously cant leave our kid here" he said.

"No i'll go by myself" i said.

"its 10 o'clock at night morgan"he said warningly.

"Its 10 o'clock at night jace" i mocked him while grabbing the keys and walking out and into his car.

"Don't wreck her!" he yelled and i laughed and drove to the store.

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