The Family Project.

Morgan Chambers.
She's Popular but doesnt have guys after her as much as her friends.

What happened when shes paired with a guy to go on a tv show? And raise a family for 2 months?

Find out!


5. Five

I woke up and Jace's arms were around me.

"Jace wake up i have to get luke ready" i said remembering we have a meeting with mr.matthews.

He got up and took a shower as i got luke ready in sweatpants and a plain blue shirt.

I put him with his toys in the livingroom but he just fell asleep.

I walked into the room and got a shower and dressed in yoga pants and a tie dyed tshirt with vans.

I walked out and put my hair in a messy bun.

I made breakfast for luke and jace.

Once we finished we got in the car and drove to his office.

I saw other cars and recognised them as our friends.

Jace got a sleeping luke out and let him rest in his arms and we walked to his office and saw our friends and we sat down and said hi.

"Here babe" Jace said handing me luke and i let him sleep in my arms this time.

"Hello Guys!" Mr.Matthews said.

"Hi" Sophia snarled.

"How are you all this fine morning?" he smiled.

"It's 6 in the morning and i would have appreciated our baby getting more sleep" Jade sassed.

"Anyway , i've decided that this show wont only last for 2 months" he said.

"But well make season after season" he said.

"So we'll be living together even though we don't have feelings for eachother?" Jade said.

"Sorta but you'd need to go to school too" he said. "Online" .

"No! " i blurted out.

"I am not getting my high school degree by the internet!" i glared handing luke to jace.

"And i am certainly not leaving that school" i said standing up.

"Why? You and Jace are the stars of this show" he said.

"No were actually not okay? all of my friends are the stars of this show! and if it wasn't for us you wouldn't have a show" i said putting my hands down banging his desk.

"So either you let me go to school and finish or you don't have me on your show anymore" i threatened.

"I agree with her" Brianna said.

"Same!" Sophia and Jade said.

"Fine you can go to school and higher a baby sitter" he glared and asked us to leave and i smiled.

"That was hot" Jace said once we got out.

"dat was hot" Luke repeated and everyone laughed at jace.

"No luke we don't say those words" i laughed.

"Why nawt?" he asked.

"There invisible!" Jades little 6 year old sarah yelled.

"Nuh uh" Sophia's 5 year old Jessica said.

"You peasants its obviously mweant for me to say" Brianna's little boy Jack who was 5 yelled as she laughed.

"Ywes my pwince!" jessica said and everyone stopped.

"Where did she learn that" We all said looking at sophia and matthew.

"Uh well if you'd watch our part of the show uh you'd uh" she stumbled and luke burst out into laughter.

"Frickle Frackle!" he yelled and me and jace stopped recalling the time he said that.

3 Day's Ago----

"Jace stop!" i yelled when he pulled me back.

"Let's Frickle Frackle babes" he joked as he spun me around and i ran away with him chasing me causing in him jumping in a bush..

End of Flash Back

They smirked at me and brianna laughed.

"Luke what did daddy say to momma?" she asked and he giggled and smiled at her calling us daddy and momma.

"He swaid 'Let's frickle frwakle babes' " he repeated deepening his voice.

"Oh my god!" she said laughed.

"Blake swaid to bwi that he wants to pwut his car in her garage!" Jack said and brianna stopped and just said nooo.

"We have to go because i have to uh yeah" Blake said getting them in the car and leaving.

"Are they recording us?" i asked the group.

"Yeah" sophia laughed.

"I wonder if kids back at our school watch" i said.

"Well then they'd know were together" jace said smiling.

"Oh my f'ing gosh!" Jade shouted.

"What?" i asked.

"I'm verified on twitter!" she said jumping up and down.

"Check if i am i don't have my phone." i asked.

"You are and so is sophia and bri and the rest of the guys! we even have our own 'TFP' account on twitter" she said cheering.

"Nice" i said and we all went out to eat.

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