This story brings you into the future in 2019. A story where the light side and dark side occur. An angel from heaven and a fallen angel from hell go to planet earth as human girls but still can show there powers and wings. The fallen angel plans to destroy human souls while the angel from heaven tries to stop her. What will happen to them? Will the fallen angel succeed or fail? Will the angel from heaven fail to stop the fallen angel? Read Dominator to see what happens.


1. The Plan of Heaven

"Lusetta." said god speaking with the elite angel.

"Yes my lord?" asked Lusetta doing what she has been ordered to do.

"Go to planet earth and stop the fallen angel from destroying the souls of the humans. Send her back where she came from." said god as he spoke with Lusetta

"Yes god." said Lusetta as she was dismissed. She went to the portal that takes her to the human world and left to stop the fallen angel.

*Lusetta's POV*

I turned into my human form when I got to earth. I knew the exact time the fallen angel would arrive and where she would start. In the human world in japan where I came. school started tomorrow. I had signed up to attend this human school called "Sokoki High school". I had used my powers to make a home for myself and with the uniform I needed and supplies. It's was 12:30pm here so I went to sleep waiting for the fallen angels arrival.

*Next Morning*

I woke up. Took a shower and got dressed in my uniform. I wore high thigh socks and the skirt that was navy blue that was length to my thighs and my white shirt with a light blue vest on it. I brush my long silky white soft hair and wore a blue and white headband that had a white and blue ribbon on the right side. I can see thousands of miles the ought my crystal blue eyes and can hear from far. I walked to Sokoki high school while I was on the look out for the fallen angel. I made it to the station and made it inside the train on my way to school. I felt a tingle in my neck. That means god sent someone down to have my back. Right away I knew he sent Dylan. I was at the front of the school I saw Dylan waiting for me.

*Dylan's POV*

I saw Lusetta coming through my light blue sea colored eyes. My black spiky soft hair was in my face so I brushed it aside. I got off from leaning on the wall and stood there. She's always been so cute that's one thing I love about her. I'm the second elite angel.

"Hey.. Lets go in." I told her as I started walking with her side by side.

"I hope you have my back since your here now." said Lusetta as her hair was flowing in the cool breeze. The other students whispered about us that we looked cool and so cute, hot, etc..what ever these humans do. We changed our shoes into our schools shoes and reported to our new classes. This school had started four months ago but me and Lusetta started today. We talked to the teacher.

"When I say come in you both come in alright?" Said Mr.Tashi

"Yes sir." We both replied


Mr.Tashi entered the classroom. He turned to face the class.

"Everyone in your seats please!" Mr.Tashi told his students. They all sat down silently waiting for news.

"Today we have two transfer students who just moved from America to Japan. Please enter!" Mr.Tashi told the new students.

*Lusetta's POV*

We both entered the room. I came first and then Dylan. He was taller than me he is 5'9 and I'm 5'3 I'm so small. We stood in front of the class.

"Hello my name is Lusetta Skylar. I'm an advance student. Please take care of me." I spoke firm and polite as I bowed a bit.

"Hello my name is Dylan Satashi. I'm an advance student. Please take care of me." said Dylan polite and firm also. He bowed a bit too.

"Lusetta and Dylan please sit behind Satomi and Sakura by the windows." said Sensei. We did what were were told. The class stared.

"Class please line up outside in a straight line we are heading to the entrance ceremony." Said Sensei. We all did what we were told to do. All the classes did the same thing. We all headed for the entrance ceremony. The entrance ceremony started when we all sat down.

~1 hour later~

"On this day we have two advanced honor representatives of our school. Lusetta Skylar and Dylan Satashi please come up to the front." said the principal. We both started walking to the front stage and we went in front of the whole entire school crowd.

*Whispers of crowd*

"There transfer students!"

"How can they be advanced honor students?!"

"So cool!"

"On this day till the day we graduate I want to say be successful in what you want to be. Today the cherry blossom flow in the air with sweet scents. Our goals for this year is to do the best we can even if we are going to give up. You can succeed if you believe and keep trying. If you fail try again because you don't know if next time you'll succeed and if you give up you didn't know before you gave up you could've made it successfully. Enjoy school life and make the best of it. Thank you~." I said as I stepped back from the speakers to let Dylan talk next.

"Today you might be saying school is boring. It only gets boring if you think its boring. You can make the change and make it fun. Only you have the power to succeed in life and in school. Try your best and don't give up. If you fail try again. You never know if you'll succeed next. Take school from boring to fun and exciting. Join the sports and clubs. You live to learn, to succeed, to become a somebody not a nobody. Make the change into the greatest year. Only you can make it happen. Thank you~." Said Dylan. We both bowed and headed off the stage.


Me and Dylan were walking down the hallway making our way to the cafeteria. When we sensed the presents of the fallen angel. Not only one...but two she had back up as well...


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