This story brings you into the future in 2019. A story where the light side and dark side occur. An angel from heaven and a fallen angel from hell go to planet earth as human girls but still can show there powers and wings. The fallen angel plans to destroy human souls while the angel from heaven tries to stop her. What will happen to them? Will the fallen angel succeed or fail? Will the angel from heaven fail to stop the fallen angel? Read Dominator to see what happens.


4. Angel Love/Shocking news

*Next Morning*

I woke up a bit early than usual. I took a shower. After my shower I got dress in my uniform the same as always. I wore high thigh socks and the skirt that was navy blue that was length to my thighs and my white shirt with a light blue vest on it. I brush my long silky white soft hair and wore a blue and white headband that had a white and blue ribbon on the right side. I was cleaning up in my room and opened the curtains. I went into the kitchen a made breakfast. I decided to have some strawberry and banana smoothie with some eggs and bacon on the dish. I got finished make the food when I heard a knock on the door. I put the food on the table and went to check who it was. It was a messenger from heaven... I opened the door.

"Yes Angelica how may I be of service?" I asked

"I have a message from god." She smiled.

"Please tell me." I said politely

"As you wish. He sent me to tell you that there was a bit of change in plans between the fallen angels. He wants you two to protect the students from the school and teachers. It seem the fallen angel are planning to use a spell on the school to make it seem like a bad school." Said Angelica

"Thank you Angelica. Have a wonderful day." I replied back

"You too Ms.Lusetta." Said Angelica as she left back to heaven. I close then turned around. When I did I bumped into Dylan's face. I fell backwards.

"Don't scare me like that." I said as my heart pounded.

"Haha Morning Lusetta." He said giving my his hand. I grabbed it. There were big and warm.

"So change in plans today?" He asked

"Yes....." I replied. My face was red. I avoided looking at Dylan.

"What's wrong?" Asked Dylan he noticed I was red and avoided eye contact.

"Do you mind if you put a shirt on.,," I pouted going to the table. It got silent and then he bursted out laughing. I turned to look at him.

"What's so funny?" I asked politely.

"No no its nothing im going to take a shower." He said. I waited till he got out and changed the food was still warm.

*10 minutes pass*

"Sorry for the wait." Dylan called out. I had my head on the table. He sat down.

"What's wrong?" He asked once again.

"I felt like I needed to put my head down. That's all." I replied

"Oh ok." He said. We ate breakfast and headed off to school it wasn't far from where we lived. We made it to the school grounds.

"Oh HEY LUSETTA! DYLAN!" Yelled out Rui

"Hey Rui how are you?" I said laughing

"I'm good." She replied

"How are you guys?" She asked

"Were good." We both replied. I laughed. I saw Sou by the lockers. I immediately ran up to him.

"Hey Sou!" I smiled

"Hey Lusetta look you beautiful today." He told me. I blushed a bit.

"Thanks." I smiled

*Dylan's POV*

When Lusetta saw Sou she immediately ran up to him. From far I heard Sou tell Lusetta she looked beautiful today and she blushed a bit. I got irritated again. I walked with Rui back to class. In front of us was Lusetta and Sou laughing and enjoy there time while getting to class. When we entered the class. On the board it said "Valentine's day in 10 days." I saw Lusetta stare at the board in a happy smile mood. I wonder who is she giving chocolates to. Thinking about it got me irritated because I didn't want her giving chocolates to Sou at all. We sat down in our seats. The boys huddled up around me and the girls by Lusetta. They were talking about Valentines day.

*Main POV*

"Say Lusetta who do you have a crush on?!" Asked Rui. The other girls wanted to know.

"I don't know.. Can I ask a question though." I replied

"You can ask us." Said Mei

"Well yesterday I went with some friends to the fair and..we had partners in case we would get lost. My partner was Sou. He was kind and sweet to me I felt happy. When we got onto the roller coaster I felt nerves because it was my first time on a coaster I felt scared. So Sou gave me his hand in case I got scared so I grabbed it. Before the ride started I felt like sparkles glowed up in my chest. Then after the ride I was shaking a lot he gave me a hug from behind still holding my hand. What does that mean?" I said telling them the story.

"Oh my god! Lusetta this can mean two things you both like each other or you fell in love with a person who wants to be with you." Said Rui. I stood in silence.

"Maybe you should give some valentines to Sou and see what happens." Said Mei

"Maybe something good will happen!" Said Kiri. I asked my self "am i in love with Sou?" My face flustered red.

"Class Please sit down!" Said Mr.Tashi

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