Mrs. All American

jessica, taylor, ashley, and kat are all best friends moving from America to Australia they are all pretty bad ass jessica and kat died their hair jessica's hair is blue and kat's hair is a bright red and taylor is a brunet and ashley is a blond they all have some bad past's but they got through it together they are like family and they only have each other


2. chapter two

michael's POV

i feel asleep at jessica's house i went over im gonna try to make peace so she doesn't kill us so im going to pretend to like her it's a plan the boys came up with. when i woke up jessica was still sleeping i had my arms wrapped around her it felt nice what am i thinking it cant feel nice to hold her its just a plan to make her not hate us not for me to like her ugh whatever she looks so cute when she sleeping then her eyes fluttered open so i could now see her hazel blue eyes "good morning beautiful" i said she looked around i laughed "who were you talking to is taylor in here?" she asked i laughed "no im talking to you" i said "well um morning?" she said like a question "um can u let go i have to make breakfast" she said i gave her the pouty face it always works "but i dont wanna" "well that sucks because i have to get up" she said and tried to get up but i pulled her back down "michael" she laughed "let me go" "but i dont wanna" i whined she giggled i just smiled at her "haha i made you giggle" i said "no you didn't i dont giggle" she said poking my chest i sat up and pulled her on my lap "no michael i have to get up let goo" she whined i smiled "fine but you have to kiss me" i said smirking "nope" she said popping the p "yup" i said popping the p she kissed me on the check "now will you let go" she said i shook my head "a real kiss" i said "ugh fine" she said "really!" i said and she kissed me on the lips i kissed back and she pulled away why i want to continue if im going to go through with this plan im going to get some enjoyment "now let go" she said trying to get my arms off of her then taylor walked in "whoa sorry didn't mean to interrupt" she said smirking "no taylor help he is holding me captive" jessica said taylor laughed and left "that bitch" jessica said 

jessica's POV

god dammit taylor left me here "michael let go now please ill make you pancakes" i bribed him and he let go yes i got up and walked to the door and turned around "by the way im making pancakes for everyone" i said smirking and made a pouty face i walked down stairs and made breakfast and everyone came down and ate i walked michael back over next door "well i had fun last night and this morning" he said "i did to" i said "well i should go in now" he said i nodded "bye" i said then all of a sudden he kissed me i kissed back it lasted for a little while then we pulled apart "bye" he said smirking and he went in and i went back to my house when i got in i plopped down on the couch next to taylor "well how was the kiss?" she asked turning to me "were you watching us when i walked him back?" i asked "what no i was talking about in your room you kissed when he left to?" she asked wide eyed shit "no i was just testing you" i said and walked up stairs "mhm" she said i rolled my eyes i went upstairs to my room and started to do my hair i bleached it so it was blond then i washed it about 30 minuets later i waited an hour then put the blue dye in 45 minuets later i washed my hair and it was blue!! everyone else already did their hair the day we got the stuff. i walked down stairs and saw taylor sitting on the couch i had blow dried my hair so it wasn't as dark and i loved it i heard gasps "whats wrong" i asked looking at kat ashley and taylor sitting on the couch "i love your hair" taylor said i smiled and kat and ash nodded in agreement "well guys why dont we go out for dinner" i asked they nodded me and taylor got in my car and ash and kat got in kat's car and we drove to a restaurant it was some italian place we all got the same thing chicken alfrado (i didnt know what to think of Cx) we finished eating and went back home 

*10:00 at night*

i was in the living room with taylor when someone knocked on the door "ill get it" i said i got up and answered the door and it was calum .-. "jessica i need to tell you some thing important" he said "what is it" i asked kinda curious "the thing with michael is just a trick every thing he has done or said was because they were just trying to make you not hate us because of me" he said what he couldn't be telling the truth "how do i know your telling me the truth" i said "why would i come up with some thing like that im trying to help you im trying to make it up to you" he said i could tell he was telling the truth "that little fucker" i said he sighed "when you see him if he tries to talk to you ignore him and walk away ok?" he asked i nodded "thanks calum" i said he nodded "jess who's at the door" taylor asked walking over to me "a new friend" i said she looked at calum he smiled a little nervously taylor smirked "he came over to the dark side i see" we laughed a little "yeah he told me how michael is just acting and every thing he did was fake god and i kissed him twice" calum and taylor looked at me with their mouths open "shit he actually got you to kiss him he told us but i didn't believe him" calum said "well its late" i said calum nodded "calum you wanna come in" taylor asked him he looked at me i smiled "sure" he said we all walked into the living room and watched TV taylor and calum fell asleep i covered the with blankets and went to my room 

*the next morning*

i walked down stairs and they were still asleep so i made breakfast kat and ashley came down stairs "um calum is asleep on the couch with taylor who's gonna murder him?" kat asked i laughed i always liked her "no one i invited him over he's not the enime any more" i said they nodded then calum walked in the kitchen "holy shit im still alive" he joked i laughed "yup i saved your ass" i said smirking and he looked at kat and ashley they smiled awkwardly "we almost killed you hehe" we laughed "well tell them what you told me while i wake up taylor" i said and went in the living room and woke her up we walked back to the kitchen "im gonna kill michael" kat and ashley said at the same time "do you guys do that often?" calum asked "yes" me kat ashley and taylor said at the same time we laughed calum looked at us like we were crazy "what" we all asked at the same time we laughed again this time calum laughed to 

*after breakfast so like noon*

"well i better go back to my house" calum said we nodded "thanks again calum" i smiled taylor gave him a hug before he left me and kat awed "shad up" taylor said we laughed then someone nocked on the door "ill get it" ashley yelled as she came down the stairs "good cause i wasn't gonna get up" i said we laughed "what do you want michael" i heard ashley asked annoyed "what did i do" michael asked i walked over to them and rolled my eyes "sorry but we dont have time for a two faced lier" i said "again what did i do" he asked looking like he was innocent "we figured out your little plan" taylor said walking up behind me "what plan?" he asked "Seriously drop the act you were just trying to make peace with us and trying to get into my pants we aren't stupid" i snapped at him he smirked "what gave it away?" he asked "hmm lets see your stupidity" i spat and closed the door in his face "ugh i hate him" i got out my phone and called luke and put it on speaker "hello" "luke we figured out your guys little plan with michael" i said i heard him gulp "w-what plan" he stuttered "seriously just own up to it dont try to lie luke i trusted you" "im sorry i just didn't want you to kill us" he said "seriously the only one i had a problem with was calum was ashton in on this" i asked "no he wasn't he was played before so we knew he wouldn't go through with it" he said i could tell he was telling the truth "well know you and michael have 4 enimies and calum and ashton have none" "wait what why not calum?" he was confused "how do you think we figured it out your an idiot if you thought we just figured it out, out of the blue" i said 'shit' he mumbled "yeah thats what i thought good bye lucas" i said and hung up i walked over to their house and knocked on the door liz answered "hi jessica" she said "liz i have a problem with lucas and michael" i said she looked worried "what did they do?" she asked "oh nothing much just played me and my sisters i only have a problem with luke and michael not calum any more" i said she nodded and brought me inside "lucas michael get your butts down here NOW" she yelled the last part they came running down the stairs luke was frowning and michael was smirking i was standing there with my arms crossed "you two explain your selves now" she said luke looked at the ground "so you know how she had a problem with calum well i thought i could fix that so me and luke thought of a plan and it was working she wasn't going to kill him any more and well i tried to get with her but before i did she figured it out" michael said smirking luke was just looking at the ground "lucas what do you have to say" she asked him i tilted my head "liz i don't think luke had much to do with it i think it michael was trying to sleep with me and luke thought it would be good to try and make peace with me at the same time" i said luke looked up at me i looked away "is that true luke?" she asked him he nodded 

*authors note*

just saying i dont hate any of the boys just saying tell me what you think thanks love you guys :) <3

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