Mrs. All American

jessica, taylor, ashley, and kat are all best friends moving from America to Australia they are all pretty bad ass jessica and kat died their hair jessica's hair is blue and kat's hair is a bright red and taylor is a brunet and ashley is a blond they all have some bad past's but they got through it together they are like family and they only have each other


5. chapter 5

jessica's POV

i cant believe it god now i know they are defiantly gonna forget about us but i guess i knew it was gonna happen what ever i have to get over them. i was crying and hugging michael right now i didn't care who it was they are here for me and im thankful for him "michael" i sniffeled "yeah" he said "thank you and i forgive you im sorry" i said and started to cry again he held me tight "its ok please stop crying" he said but i continued crying he picked me up bridal style and carried me to my house.

*michael's POV*
i picked jessica up and carried her to her house when i walked in i saw kat ashley and taylor crying on the couch and calum trying to comfort them ashton and luke walked in behind me and went to help calum except for luke he took jessica form me and i went to comfort kat ash was with ash (see what i did there cx) and calum was with taylor and luke took jessica upstairs to her room 

luke's POV

i carried jessica upstairs to her room and laid her down on her bed and i laid down next to her i held her in my arms it felt right i cant believe that we cant talk to them and all that stuff on tour soon she fell asleep this is not what i wanted her crying her self to sleep ugh im gonna kill liam especially about what he said about her i dont think she self harms i mean she cant right? i looked at her wrist and saw all the bracelets she had on her wrist there were a lot of them and ashton he has the same but not as many i reached down and moved her bracelets around and i didn't like what i saw i saw all of the cuts she started to move around so i stop she stop moving and went back to sleep and i went to touch the bracelets "luke just ask me" she said i jumped a little "something liam said made me think why do you wear all of those bracelets?" i asked even thou i knew i wanted to hear what she said "i like them" she said she doesn't want me to know "whats the real reason" i just blurted out damn i have a big mouth she looked at me "what you think im lying" she said "no but, never mind" i said and she got up "its just you only wear them when your not wearing a long sleeve shirt" i said and sat up and looked down she sat in front of me and made me look at her "luke i know what your thinking and i dont ok" she said and i nodded even thou i didn't believe her and we went down stairs and the rest of the guys and girls were watching TV they looked at us as we walked down i gave ashton the talk-to-her look because i think she would open up a little more to him then the rest of us he nodded "taylor can i talk to you in private?" i asked she nodded and we went out side  "do you know if jessica um well self harmed her self?" i asked she sighed "she tried to OD on some medicine before but failed but thats it why?" she asked even she didn't know? "just wondering" i said she nodded and we went back in and ashton and jessica weren't there

ashton's POV

"hey" i said "hi" she said it was a little awkward "so jessica" "so ashton" i sighed "jessica if i take off my bracelets will you take off yours?" i asked she looked at the floor and nodded "ok do you want me to take them off first" she nodded i took off my bracelets and showed her my wrists she looked at them her eyes widened she looked at my and she looked confused and sad "now your turn" i said she sighed and nodded she took them off damn she had more scars then me i looked at her she looked away i made her look at me "why would you do this to your beautiful skin?" i asked her and the she shed a tear "why did you?" she asked "i was bullied and abused now you tell me" i said she sighed and sat on the ground (just in case i forgot to mention they are in the bathroom) and i sat next to her we had our backs on the tub "i was bullied and abused by my brother and kids at school" she said what wait she has a brother "why did your brother hit you?" i asked she looked at the ground "he's 21 so he can drink and both my parents are gone and he blames me for it and he did it when we were younger but not as much so when ever he's drunk it makes it worse" she said she was crying a little bit now (true story my brother does abuse me and my parents dont do anything about it :/) i hugged her and then she stopped crying she stood up and handed me my bracelets "jessica lets walk out there with out our bracelets on" i said she looked at me like i was on drugs "are you on drugs my sister's dont know about this only you and me" she said wait what she didn't even tell her sisters i feel loved she told me "jessica i wont have my bracelets on either" i said she looked down at the ground "come on" i grabbed her hand so now we were holding hands and i unlocked the bathroom door and we walked out and back to the living room they all looked at us jessica hid her wrists "jess just show them wear your scars proud" i whispered to her she nodded and then every one gasped when they looked at our wrists "dude you have more scars then before have you been cutting recently" luke said walking over to me jessica stood in front of me why? i dont even know "luke stop you are the one who made him talk to me and your the reason you all know now so back away" she said i smiled a little we were still holding hands and luke walked away "j-jessica y-you c-c-cut" taylor stuttered the other girls were crying a little "im sorry taylor but yeah i do" she said "but she's stopping she isn't alone anymore" i said jessica smiled at me i smiled back "can i put my bracelets back on now?" jessica asked i nodded we went back to the bathroom and put them back on it took a while but we finally got them back on we walked back to the living room and the 1D guys where there "see i told you guys she self harmed we cant have her around them" liam said "dude shut the fuck up you dont know the story behind them" i snapped at him he look surprised "oh i see a cutter protecting a cutter" he said we and jessica were holding hands still "you know what why dont you shove what ever the hell you have to say about my sister and ashton and shove it up or stuck up ass" taylor shouted at him he looked seriously surprised everyone was taylor is well was the quiet one jessica smirked i was smiling "thanks sis" jessica said "what are you an emo to" liam asked i was about to say something but louis beat me to it "liam shut the fuck up whats got you panties in a twist you were nice in the beginning  now your a complete and total ass hole just do what they said and shut the fuck up" we were all surprised whats with that louis and taylor aren't the quiet ones anymore "what ever guys we have to leave the car is waiting and your stuff is in the car already" he said and we nodded the girls walked us out and before we left michael and ashley, luke and kat, calum and taylor, all hugged and they got in the car i was just standing there holding jessica's hand "well i guess this is good bye" i said she nodded "ill text you and so will the boys" i whispered to her she smiled and we hugged and i heard camera's go off i looked over to the girls they were laughing "well bye see you when your done with the tour" she said i smiled and got in the car we waved bye to them that was kinda hard for me to leave jessica i dont know why i guess i got close to her "so ash you and jessica are pretty close" calum said i nodded "yeah and you and taylor" i said he chuckled yeah i guess i smirked "little old player found true love aw" i said we laughed but we did find people we cared about "im happy for you guys" harry said he looked serious "thanks mate" i said he nodded 

*authors notee*

heyy guys so are you ok with the couples jessica and ashton michael and ashley calum and taylor and kat and luke let me know and if you could try to come up with ship names? i would be truly grateful and ill update again tomorrow or sometime this week probable tomorrow if you have any questions just ask k well bye my lovely ninja turtles :D or do you guys want to be my gems let me now!!


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