Mrs. All American

jessica, taylor, ashley, and kat are all best friends moving from America to Australia they are all pretty bad ass jessica and kat died their hair jessica's hair is blue and kat's hair is a bright red and taylor is a brunet and ashley is a blond they all have some bad past's but they got through it together they are like family and they only have each other


3. chapter 3

jessica's POV

*4 months later*

i forgave luke but i didn't forgive michael he tried to say that not all the 'feelings' he had for me weren't fake ugh i still hate him.

i was driving home when i was about to pull into my drive way i noticed 5 other guys on luke's lawn they were looking at my car i was gonna hang out with luke today so i got out of my car after i parked it and walked over the 5 guys they were still staring at me i rolled my eyes then michael walked over to me "jessica please forgive me please" he pleaded "fuck off michael"i said "holly shit she's american" a blond kid said "holy shit i am i thought i was british" i said with sarcasm the blond kid was irish i could tell "hey there is nothing wrong with british people" one with brown hair who was british said "didn't say anything about something wrong with british people some of my friends are british" i said he nodded then taylor ran over to me and whispered in my ear "jessica those guys are in the biggest boy band in the world" she told me who was who the irish one was niall and the british boy who talked before is liam i think we will get along. i nodded to taylor and she waved and went back home "well now i know who you guys are hi" i said smirking they looked a little confused "that was my sister taylor i live with her and my 2 other sisters kat and ashley im jessica" i said they nodded "what do only blondey and british boy talk" i said smirking " i thought you said you know our names" niall said "i do but until you guys introduce your selves i wont use them" i said he nodded "well im niall thats liam thats harry zayn and louis" he said pointing to each of them when he said their name they said hi except for harry hmm "well nice to meet you all but i need to talk to luke" i said "is he your boyfriend?" niall asked "what no i need to talk to him ash and cal about stuff" i said "why not michael?" harry asked he finally stopped looking up and down me "lets just say we aren't exactly talking" i said "and why is that" harry asked "well mr. nosy its personal" i said im getting a bit annoyed "so are you like their slut and michael did some thing to you" harry asked "i swear to god you are so lucky that im not going to beat the shit out of you" i snapped at him "dude stop being a dick to her you just met her" niall said "thank you niall at least he isn't a dick" i said giving harry a death glare "what ever slut" he said i was about to attack him when i felt arms around me it was luke "luke let go i didn't beat the shit out of calum but i will to little british boy over there" i said "jessica they are here to help me and the boys become famous" luke said what famous how? "luke what do you mean?" i asked i was confused "me and the boys have a band called 5 seconds of summer" he said what he never told me this before "so what their gonna make you famous then your gonna become a famous person who thinks other people like me are just dirt under their feet" i said i was a little hurt he's gonna just forget about me and my sisters and he's gonna let the fame get to him "no jess i would never im no better than anyone else and i know that" he said i got out of his arms "yeah right just wait your gonna become famous and forget about the people here trust me i know how it goes you know what just forget about me now" i said a tear escaped my eye "jessica-" he started but i cut him off "no luke just forget about me it'll be better for you you dont wanna be famous and have people knowing you know so slut" i said and went back to my car i was crying completely now luke came after me but i just drove away when i was driving away he was sitting on the ground head in his hands i just sped off

luke's POV

god dammit i should have told her so many things before go i screwed up fuck "god dammit this is all my fault i have to go after her" i said getting up "mate she'll come back dont worry about it" liam said "you dont understand the last time she came back she was different it was because of calum calling her and her sisters sluts" i said i was walking back and forth "what ever dude she is a slut just get over her" harry said i looked at him with disgust then taylor came running over to me "WHAT THE FUCK DID YOU DO TO JESSICA" she screamed at me "i dont know im an idiot god i screwed up having any chance with her" i said taylor looked at me with wide eyes "y-you like her" she stuttered i nodded she started to push me to my car "go to the nearest club thats where she will be get there now before she gets drunk go!" she said i got in my car and drove to the club i went in a a few girls tried to hit on me all i said was i have a girlfriend i found jessica at the bar drinking with some dude "jessica lets go we are going home" i yelled over the music "what no im having a good time stop ruining my life" she yelled over the music "yeah bro leave her alone ill take care of her" he said and then winked at her oh no he didn't "i dont think so she's my girlfriend" i said "this is your 'girlfriend'" said one of the girls from earlier "yeah" i said "she looks like a slut leave her and come with me" the chick said "what no first of all she is not a slut you are your the one trying to get with me when you dont have a chance" i said she rolled her eyes "what ever" she said and walked away i turned back to jess and the dude and they were making out "oh fuck no" i said and grabbed jessica and pulled her out "luke put me down now" she demanded "no" i said i let go of her wrist and put her over my shoulder "luuke stop put me down" she yelled "no taylor sent me here and im not going to let you make out with some dude" i said "why do you care your going to be famous you dont need me" she said i put her in the passenger side of my car and i got in the driver seat and drove us home "luke my car" she yelled at me "ill have people get it for you" i said "no you will take me tomorrow to get it" she said "ok" i said she rolled her eyes and we got back home i went and opened her door "just wait till your famous and your an ass hole ill tell you i told you so" she said im pretty sure it was the alcohol talking i hope "hey mate i see you found her" liam said i nodded "yeah he ruined my life in so many ways yay" she rolled her eyes and she sat down in my front lawn and laid on the grass "jess what are you doing" i asked her "im laying in the grass what does it look like" she said "i can see that but why?" i asked "because i can do you have a problem with that ?" she asked sitting up "i can always go back to the club" she said "nope just lay back down" i said "thought so" ugh why is she so difficult "dude she is a pain in the ass all the time isn't she" harry scoffed "you kno-" "yes yes i am now why dont you go back to making my old best friends famous ass holes like you" jessica interrupted me "thats it i picked her up and brought her in my house and up to my room "help he's gonna kill me" she screamed calum ran in "she's drunk isn't she?" calum asked "yup" i said popping the p he shook his head and walked out i pushed her on my bed she looked at me with a confused look "you need to sleep off the alcohol" i said she looked at me like i was crazy "i didn't drink any alcohol" she said "what" "i had maybe one drink im not drunk" i gulped "so you really think im gonna be an ass hole if i become famous?" i asked a little hurt


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