Newly Stepbrother

My name is Anna and things were going great until my father died when I was 8. Now I am 18 and my mum (Elizabeth) is engaged to a great guy named Bobby. Just one problem, he has a son my age named Niall. I have never met Niall before because I he isn't the best influence on me apparently. I wont be meeting him until the wedding. All I can think about is, "Oh my god", now that I am standing at the alter next to my mum.


3. Email

Me and Kate ran up to my room when I heard a little noise coming from my laptop. I picked it up and sat on my beanbag chair while Kate did the same in the other beanbag chair. I looked at my laptop really closely and saw a email popped up. "Uh, someone emailed me." I said and looked at my best friend. "See who it is!" Kate said pointing to the email.



     Just for a wonder, is this Anna Gates?



I was a little freaked out but I decided to reply. Kate watched me type on the little keyboard that led to the screen.

Yes, why do you ask? Who is this?


I waited for a reply. About a minute later another message did come. "Are you ready to see who this is?" I asked Kate. "What are we waiting for!" She said excitedly.

Dear Anna,

 Please do not freak out when I tell you my name. Its really important you don't tell anybody, even your mum and my dad cant know that I am doing this. My name Niall James Horan. Next week I am going to be your stepbrother, so is my brother Greg. I don't know you, but my dad has talked a lot about you. :)

"Niall has got to be crazy to do this." I told Kate. "He also just emailed you!" She yelled. "You have got to calm down if you want to meet him at the wedding." I said. I smiled at the email. Maybe Bobby is wrong about Niall, he seems to be a pretty good guy.

Dear Niall,

   I am not freaking out, my best friend who is sitting next to me is. She wont tell anybody about you emailing me. I have heard of you, but never knew you were in a band, a singer, and I don't know what you look like. Don't send me a picture of you, I want to see what you look in person at the wedding. Do you think I should change my last name?

~Anna Jane Gates- Horan

P.S. I don't think I should, I like my last name right now until I get married. :D

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