Newly Stepbrother

My name is Anna and things were going great until my father died when I was 8. Now I am 18 and my mum (Elizabeth) is engaged to a great guy named Bobby. Just one problem, he has a son my age named Niall. I have never met Niall before because I he isn't the best influence on me apparently. I wont be meeting him until the wedding. All I can think about is, "Oh my god", now that I am standing at the alter next to my mum.


18. Breaking Free


I looked up and saw Anna walk down into the kitchen while i ate my breakfast with dad and Elizabeth. "Where are you going today, sweetie?" Elizabeth asked my stepsister. "Find who i really am." She said and we were all confused. "What are you talking about, Anna?" Her mum asked another question. "Mum, I know who i want to be with, but i dont know who i am or what to do." She said and stood, waiting for a responce, so i jumped in.


"Are you lost or something?" I asked her. "I'm lost without you, Niall." Anna responded and i smiled and she did too. "Whats going on here?" Dad asked after sipping on his tea. "When you were gone, me and Anna discovered who we are some more. Without each other, we are lost." I said and Elizabeth and father smiled. "We knew this was going to happen." Elizabeth said and i gave her a confused look.


"Knew what was going to happen?" I asked. "Niall, i am talking about you and Anna falling in love. I am not stupid about that. Me and Bobby have already decided that we should separate until farther notice. We would do anything like that for you because we love you so much." Elizabeth said and i grinned. "Thank you.....mum." I said and she looked over and me and a tear appeared.


That was the first time i have ever called her mum. I was breaking free, spreading into the world of many things. Now, i just have to keep Anna in my arms and never let go of her. Once i do, she is gone.....forever.

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