Into the distance

To live is to run, run from fears and run from them. Once you stop, your history will be recorded in their memory, but as you die they still make you remember that they had you, and they defeated you just by leaving 10 more whips.

into the distance they will go. Into the nightmares you will know. A piece of history will never survive, and into the distance you will die.

A machine will come like death...


1. Born to run

I was born to run with a reason to live, with a reason to breath. But yet my memory is weak but the horrifying images grow strong still feeling the whips tore my skin deeper and deeper. No words can describe the pain as they hunted me down and separated me from my family. Watching my own mother screaming for me as the Night Walkers take advantage of her, hearing her cry in pain and I just cried out with sorrow not helping her, but yet just watching her die as the Night Walkers take me away as a piece of trash. My mother did fight strong, but not strong enough. But so help me god I will see her again. And I will make her proud...


This is my reason to live.


In each continent they have a Gallow, were they store terrified slaves, but the Night Walkers feast upon them one by one, waiting for me. They know my name and the reason I am hunting them.



However, her name was Sueno, and they did not care abut her, but one day they will hear that name when I end there lives and they will rot in hell with the name still stuck in their head. 



She was so beautiful and never got to find love but she didn't need it because i was here for her no matter what and I still am, until every star in the gloomy sky has burned out, but my blood will pour on the souls that feed on us. Taking our heart, eating our bones. 



For her...

For Sueno


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