Who knew life could be so harsh? 19 year old Kennedy Prescott thinks so. She's at her breaking point but who or what changed that? Will she allow this change? Read on to find out.


4. Meet the lads

I wake up the next morning with a text. "Ello llove!" I text back "Hi!  Who is this?" "Haha it's Louis silly." "Louis!  Hey!  What's up?" "Nothing much. I was wondering if maybe we can hang out today?" "I'd love to but I have to stay home and watch my grandparents." "Cool, the lads and I will come help as well" "Really that's so sweet of you!" An hour or two later,  they arrive. I open the door and squeal. "Haha hello to you too." Liam says. They all walk in and sit down. I find myself starring at Niall. He looks so adorable I just wanna hug him. I ask do they want something to eat. They all decline except Niall. "Haha okay. Follow me!" I guide him into the kitchen and give him some brownies I made. He eats it in like three bites. "Delicious. May I have another?" I give him another one and he devours it. I laugh and he smiles. I guide the other guys to my grandparents room. "And who are these gentlemen?" grandpa says. "We're One Direction." they all say. Grandpa looks at Zayn and says: "I used to be good looking like you. I would get all the ladies! But then I found the love of my life. Maria Grace." My grandma smiles and kisses him. Ew. Gross. "Nice meeting you Kennedy's grandparents." "You too darlings. Now go have fun. We'll be fine!" --

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