Who knew life could be so harsh? 19 year old Kennedy Prescott thinks so. She's at her breaking point but who or what changed that? Will she allow this change? Read on to find out.


5. Closer than close

We all decided to go to a little party at their house. Perrie took my shopping and the car is full of shopping bags. I bought a black dress that stops at my kness, and heels. Perrie and Jade curl my hair and do my makeup. I gotta say, it looks pretty good. She drives us to the party and we enter the party. I first see Ariana Grande talking to Harry. Then Sophia talking to Liam and Perrie runs over to Zayn. Jade goes over to Louis which is by Eleanor. I find Niall by the food table eating pizza. I walk over to him. I pat his shoulder and he turns around. "H-hey Ken!" "Hey Niall haha." "You look very lovely." I giggle. "Wanna dance?" I say yes. The DJ plays "Never Let Me Go" I love this song so much. Niall takes my hand and guides us to the middle of the room. He puts hiis hands around my waist and I put mine around his neck. We sway to the beat as we look into each others eyes. He smiles. I smile. Then I laugh. Whats wrong with me? The song ends and he lets go. "How is the party so far?" Eleanor asks. "It's going swell!" I say. She smiles and walks back to Louis. They are so cute together. The party ends 2 hours later. We all say our goodbyes. Niall gives me a hug and kisses my cheek. "Goodnight Ken." "Goodnight Niall" Perrie drives me back home. --


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