Who knew life could be so harsh? 19 year old Kennedy Prescott thinks so. She's at her breaking point but who or what changed that? Will she allow this change? Read on to find out.


3. Announced

I become very impatient because for the past 3 hours, I keep getting buzzes but it's from Luke. Not One Direction. I begin to accept that I didn't make it. I then lay down and check my phone once again. "Hello fellow Directioners! We have the winner of your very important contest. Congratulations.... Kennedy Prescott! I scream so loud that I choke on my own scream. I'm so relieved! I continue reading; "we will send your tickets via mail. Send us your address and again congratulations!" I quickly send my address. --My tickets come in the next day. I read over them and the concert I attend is gonna be Monday night. (fast forward to Monday night) I open my closet and pick out a black floral skirt, white crop top, black cardigan, and black wedges. It's now 2 hours til the concert. I curl my hair and fluff it out and put on some earrings. I put grab my purse and go to my grandparents room. I let then know I'm leaving and they tell me to me safe. I give them each a kiss on the cheek and I leave. A boring hour of driving later, I'm at the concert. I put on some lipgloss. "Ticket please." says a worker. I hand her my ticket and she tells some guy named Carlos to take me to my front row seat. Once I enter, I nearly die. My family. My sisters. They're all here. I just want to hug them all but they'd think I'm weird since I'm a complete stranger.  Carlos sits me in my sit and I thank him. Harry comes out first. Oh my goodness he looks so hot. Then Zayn comes out next. Holy mother of pineapples. Louis and Liam both come out at the same time. And last but CERTAINLY not least, is Niall. My little Irish cupcake. He waves to everyone. Then he turns to me and waves. I almost die oh my gosh. I wave back and he smiles. "HOW ABOUT WE START THIS CONCERT!!!" Liam says. They start singing "You and I, Alive, Little White Lies, Does He Know, WMYB, Rock Me, Loved You First and way more." After the main concert,  it was time for people with backstage passes to come backstage. I get to the back and see a crowd of girls crowding the lads so I decide to sit down until they leave. 15 minutes later they finally leave. I shyly walk up to the lads and say "Hi." They all turn and stare at me. I see Niall smirking. Oh god, I ruined it. Why do I have to be so freakin'awkward?! "Hey love. " Louis says. I smile. The others say hello and shake my hand. "What's your name?" Zayn says. "Kennedy..." "I like that name." Niall says. I blush and say thank you. About 20 minutes later, Paul tells them it's time to go. We all exchange numbers and Niall gives me a hug. -- Okay this was the most perfect day EVER. On my way driving home, I get a message from Luke: "You should've answered my messages Kennedy. You'll regret that." I stop the car at the red light. The streets are vacant. Its quiet... GRANDMA AND GRANDPA. I drive pass the red light and I'm watt over the speed limit. I park in the driveway. I run into the house, to my grandma's room and.... They're still there. "Had fun?" they ask. I run and give them a bug hug. --

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