Lou Teasdale's Daughter

"So Tell Me Babe, Why Hide Away From Us?" He asked Smirking As Our Eyes Locked "To Make Sure I dont Fall for Any of You Jackasses." I Say Drifting Away Until Someone Grips My Wrist "I'll Change That Sweetheart.." He Finishes Letting me Walk Back into The room


2. Chapter 2

Lou Teasdale's Daughter: 

I walk Downstairs Still Tired From My Nap,

"Did You Finish Packing Lacy?" My Mum Asks 

I Yawn, Half Way, When are We leaving anyway? I ask Curiously

"A week." She Answers, Pouring Tea in her Cup And Taking a Sip 

Alrighty.. I say Walking Into The living room, As I flop On the couch I see Lux On the Floor Playing. 

I Look At the Tv when I hear Other Voices Come from It, And when i look, There Is one direction Talking 

Ugh Lux, I'm Turning it. I Say Grabbing the remote And Flash It to a different channel

"EKKK! NO LACY! I WANT HARRY!!!" Lux Screams and cries 

Lux, No, No Harry. I shivered even saying his name.

"MOMMY, LACY TURN BOYS!!!: She Screamed even louder 

And Of Course My Mum Walked in....


I Groan As I flip It back, Fucking Seriously Thanks Alot Lux I mumble Under My breath.

I get my phone out of my pocket and look through i see a different number but i know its not harrys so i open it..

"Hey Lacy! I was wondering if you wanted to hang out before the tour...just you, Me And Niall?" 


I smile Out Of ALL the boys Louis and Niall We're The ones I could stand But thats only because they visited me during summer break when they were also off tour.

"Hey Lou! Yeah Totally! Where Though?" 


"Pizza? Niall's Hungry.."


We both say our goodbyes and he leaves me with 30 minutes to get ready...

Maybe It Won't Be That Bad With Lou And Niall By My Side.


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I love you all!!! ~Jojo<3 



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