Bite Me

Inside each of us, there is the seed of both good and evil. It's a constant struggle as to which one will win. And one cannot exist without the other.


1. One

                                         I feel the salty waves come in

                               I feel them crash against my skin

                            And I smile as I respire because 

                                I know they'll never win~ 


My name is Frances Smith and I'm just an average girl. Well, as much as I can be. When I was eight my parents told me that I was adopted or given away really. They told me that they didn't know my mom much, but that she was very beautiful and loved me lots and that she had to give me away. I'm cool with that though because my parents are awesome and love me unconditionally. Although at times I wonder what possessed them to name me Frances honestly It sounds like I'm a middle aged old man who tells kids "when he was their age." 




I walked into the music shop where I worked. Not a bunch of people come in here, but it's a calm and relaxing place to be which is why I chose to work here alongside my best friend. 

"Hey Franny Ed sheerans new album just got in today. Wanna listen to it?" Jace said from behind the counter.



I hung my jacket up and smiled at him. Jace and I have been friends since as long as I can remember. Literally the first words he said to me was "your name is stupid but I like you anyway, therefore we shall be friends." And from there on we became best friends. 

"Shut up I thought we weren't getting it till next week." I said, standing by him behind the counter.

"Yeah, I know, but who cares lets just be grateful we got em early." Jace said putting in the cd. I smiled at him as one started playing.  

Tell me that you turned down the man

Who asked for your hand

'Cause you're waiting for me

And I know, you're gonna be away a while

But I've got no plans at all to leave

And would you take away my hopes and dreams and just stay with me?

All my senses come to life

While I'm stumbling home as drunk as I

Have ever been and I'll never leave again

'Cause you are the only one

And all my friends have gone to find

Another place to let their hearts collide

Just promise me, you'll never leave again

'Cause you are the only one




"Gosh, this just makes you want to go home and snuggle in your bed." Jace said while dramatically putting a hand over his chest. I laughed at him and shook my head "yeah you're right. Just sit at home eating pizza scrolling through tumblr while Ed serenades you in the background. Ah, I dream of it." For dramatic effect I put my hand over my chest just like Jace did. We both went into fits of laughter. Yeah, this is what it's usually like here. Listening to music and goofing around not to mention getting paid. Dream job indeed.




The sound of the front door opening brought me out of my laughing. Duty calls. I walked over to the man that entered the store. I gave him a once over and took in his appearance. Black boots black skinny jeans and a black t shirt. Wow, this guy really likes wearing black. He has a lot of curly hair and his skin is pretty pale, but overall he is handsome. "Hi sir, can I help you with anything?" I said smiling at him. He looked up at me and scoffed "if I wanted your help I would've asked for it." He said turning back to the music.




Excuse me. "Well, if  I would've known you were an ass I would've never come over here." I walked away from him and went back to the counter. Who the hell does he think he is just going about being rude to people he doesn't even know. Jace stood by me with a confused look on his face "who put a stick up your ass?" I rolled my eyes at him "that guy over there was being rude" I pointed to the guy I was talking to. Jace's eyes nearly fell out of his own skull when he saw who I was speaking about. He began hitting my arm multiple times 

"oh my god he is Jesus." 


"I'm being serious how is it possible, to be that sexy."

"well when a mommy and daddy-" 


"Jace will you quit yelling" 



"WHAT" a guy clearing his voice made me and Jace stop yelling and turn to face his direction.




It was the same guy that was being rude. He glared at the both of us before putting the CD he picked out on the counter. "When you're done talking about me Id like to buy this." He said. I glanced at Jace before ringing up the CD. "Your total is 7.50" he handed me a 10 dollar bill (A/N: this is very confusing because their in London and UK money is different from American money but whatev just go with it) and I gave him back his change. He left without even saying thank-you. Before he reached the door, I yelled to him "you're welcome!" He flicked me off and left. Guess he's never heard of common courtesy. 



soon as he was gone Jace turned to face me "He's still hot." As. if."yeah hot in the head. Now shut up and get back to work you twat." "Get back to work to what exactly. this place is a ghost town. No one actually buys CDs anymore Franny." Jace said. Well he wasn't wrong.....I just got an idea. I left the counter and went to the front door. "um what are you doing?" Jace asked, eying me suspiciously. I turned the open sign on the door to closed. "we are gonna go have us a day off dont ya think, Jay?" I said grabbing my jacket and putting it on.

Without giving Jace time to respond I grabbed his hand and made are way out the door.



         ╰╮╰╮╰╮╰╮╰╮╰╮╰╮╰╮╰╮Time Skip ╰╮╰╮╰╮╰╮╰╮╰╮╰╮╰╮╰╮



"Okay ill admit this was fun." Jace and I were arm and arm walking down the street. Its about eight now and the cool air felt great. "Hey Jay can I ask you a question?" I asked keeping my eyes up ahead. "sure. Go for it." "If I'm american than my birth mom came all the way from america just to give me away. Why would she come all that way?" I asked. "maybe there's something here she wanted you to see." He replied. Still seems weird to me. What could there possibly be here in london that she wanted me to see. Scratch that there's a good amount of stuff that she probably wanted me to see. But why london? What does london have to do with me?




"Frances you-who you in there?" I was snapped out of my thoughts by Jace waving his hand in my face. "you alright fran fran. looks like you took a trip to la la land." Jace said laughing. I laughed along with him "yeah im fine just lost  in my own thoughts. What were you saying?" I said. I have got to stop doing that. I spend more time in  my head, then I do socializing. "Frances you're doing it again." Darn it. "okay yeah sorry um what were you saying? This is the last time you have to repeat yourself I swear." I smiled at him while he glared at me. "I SAID its getting late and I should probably take you home. Please tell me you heard me that time if not im positive you're deaf. I chuckled "no no no I'm not deaf and don't worry I can walk myself home. "you sure?" Jace said worried. I nodded my head and told him to head home and I did the same.




I started to think back to the guy in the music store. I don't even know him other than the fact that he's rude. Come to think about it I was pretty rude to him too. Maybe we just got off on the wrong foot. Maybe he isn't a bad person. He still could've been nicer though. If I'm being honest I got this vibe from him. Good or bad I don't know, but it was like I felt like I was drawn to him. Uh this is just weird me saying I got a vibe from him. I don't even know him I seriously need to calm down.


        ╰╮╰╮╰╮╰╮╰╮╰╮╰╮╰╮╰╮Time Skip╰╮╰╮╰╮╰╮╰╮╰╮╰╮╰╮╰╮




"Mom I'm home!" I shouted through the hallways. I walked into the kitchen to see my mom making....god what the hell is that? I turned to my dad who was sitting at the table. "and what exactly are you making?" I said taking a seat next to him examining what ever that is. "are you blind? I'm making a cake! looks good hunh?" my mom said. That's a cake?

"mom that looks like road kill." 

hey don't judge me haven't you ever heard the truth will set you free. My mom laughed "you know Franny that's not nearly as bad as what your dad said." 

"I said I was sorry woman!" my dad said waving his arms around.

I laughed "dad what you say it looked like?"

"I might have said that it looks like her mother."

Oh my gravy he didn't hahahahahahaha! Im laughing because he's not wrong. All I can say is grandma is one handsome lady. Still love her though.

"anyway on to another subject that's not this one how was work today?" dad said ignoring moms glare. 

"eh same old same old. oh yeah but ed sheerans new album came in today and it sounds just as honey taste."

"Is that the one canadian guy that did that one song baby."

no he did not just say that.

"dad I should slap you. you're talking about justin bieber and him and ed are very different."

"eh those celebrities all look the same to me."

I shook my head at him "um no they don't and on that note I think I'm gonna go to bed." I gave my dad a kissed on the cheek and hugged my mom goodnight. I changed into my pajamas and got in my bed drifting off to sleep.      


I started on my walk home and my mind drifted back to the guy in the music store. I don't even know him other than the fact that he's rude. Come to think about it I was pretty rude to him too. Maybe we just got off on the wrong foot. Maybe he isn't a bad person. He still could've been nicer though. If I'm being honest I got this vibe from him. Good or bad I don't know, but it was like I felt like I was drawn to him. Uh this is just weird me saying I got a vibe from him. I don't even know him I seriously need to calm down. "penny for your thoughts?" A voice said.




I turned my head left and right. Weird. Oh my glob! theres a murder out here. Wait im the only one here, who said that? I nearly peed my pants when a hand tapped my shoulder. Ahhh its the murder!! Turning around I was met with a head full of curls. Figures. Talk about the devil he'll be sure to visit you. "Jesus you scared me to death I thought you were a murder trying to kill me. Are you stalking me?" I said trying to catch my breathe. He just chuckled and shook his head "I came to apologize for my rude behavior today." He said smiling. Would ya look at that he has dimples! How nice. Not. "okay apology NOT accepted now why are you stalking me?" I said still a little suspicious.

He glared at me "I'm not stalking you I just came to say sorry for my being rude today." 

"yeah okay if you weren't stalking me then how did you know where I was you creepy stalker dude!?" 











wow I could do this all day!

"even if I told you you wouldn't believe me."

"try me."

The creepy stalker dude (names really growing on me) took a deep breath.

"because I'm a vampire."

I went into a fits of laughter.

"yeah and I'm Batman anyways do you have a name creepy stalker dude."


"Well Harry as much as I want to believe you I don't think I can."

Slowly Harry started walking towards me. oh no.

"Then why don't I show you." 



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