Those Two Simple Words

The other side of the killers, the part of them they lock away in the part of their twisted souls, the part that reprimands them for what they have done. When that voice comes a-calling, not even the most skilled at the Dark Arts can escape the voice of what they have done.

This is just that voice, making a stand. A stand for what is right, lost in the eyes of the killers that kill ruthlessly with those two words, the curse to end a life.


3. Severus Snape

Severus Snape

Spending time with Lily was all I craved

Every mortal fiber in my body longed to hold her

To breathe in her scent, to feel her warmth

To whisper the words into her ear

The words that were written on my heart,

"You are the only one for me

I belong to you, and you alone

Lily, will you love me like I love you-

Now and forever?

And when I saw her grave

In the place I refuse to go again

I feel the sadness come again

Pushing me to tears

I know the feeling that comes with having taken the only life

The only life I ever knew I could trust

And who could trust me

I felt the weight of the world push in my heart

Until I collapse of the pain

I know this pain, and I will soon know death

And I will open it with open arms

To not hurt anymore, and to see Lily

In Heaven, where she will be alive and happy

And be by her side, even if not as a lover

But her friend.


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