Those Two Simple Words

The other side of the killers, the part of them they lock away in the part of their twisted souls, the part that reprimands them for what they have done. When that voice comes a-calling, not even the most skilled at the Dark Arts can escape the voice of what they have done.

This is just that voice, making a stand. A stand for what is right, lost in the eyes of the killers that kill ruthlessly with those two words, the curse to end a life.


1. Bellatrix Lestrange

Bellatrix Lestrange

There are two words involved in Sirius' death

Or in any death with blood upon my hands

For whenever I hear his name

Or my own, I think of those two words

Everything I do reminds me of him

The creak of my door is his voice

Crying out in pain and surprise

The children at play outside my door

Their songs of games become my own words

My singsong chant of,

"I-killed, Sirius-Black! I-killed, Sirius-Black!"

His pleading eyes that beg for more time

More time to spend with his only friend, that boy

The Boy Who Lived, when my cousin did not

His tears that seeped out of his pleading eyes

The tears shed for himself, for his cause, for his pain

Their loss, I thought

Not mine! Their loss. My gain, my vengeance!

For the Dark Lord's revenge comes with a cost

The blood of my kin

I killed him and the joy was sudden

I knew I had done right

But I cannot keep it up

As time passes, I think of him

I think of the beautiful gift of life

He'd been given

That I'd taken from him and his boy

The Boy Who Lived

When my cousin did not

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