Maybe I Was Wrong About Him

Carter Hastings is best friends with Niall Horan, but happens when he betrays her and leaves her to survive on her own. Now she is running from her abusive father while trying to avoid her ex-Bestfriend. She is almost living on the streets when the one person she never expected to see again sneaks his way back into her life.... #FanficEntry


7. The Note

   When Monday came I couldn't believe that the weekend had come so quickly. I hurried up and got ready for school. I took a shower and got dressed into some yoga pants and a t-shirt. When I came outside I was half expecting Niall to be waiting in his car to drive me. Then I realize that he wasn't coming and I started to walk.

   The thought of Niall not picking me up in the morning made me sad, but it was for the best. He treated me like shit.

   When I got to school, I rushed to my locker to get my books and was on my way to homeroom. As I walked through the door all eyes were on me. I awkwardly walked through and sat in the back. A few minutes later someone poked me. Half of me wanted it to be Niall, but the other half didn't wanted to be. I looked up and saw Rachael.

"You know the only reason people are looking at you is because you weren't here on Friday. You're such an attention whore.", she said while moving to other sit. I can't believe this is what I have to deal with every morning, but I have to admit it is amusing sometimes.

   The morning went by real slow and I couldn't find Niall. When I walked into the lunch room I tired looking for him, but I couldn't find him. He wasn't with his other friends. He wasn't even with his girlfriend. The rest of the day went by real fast and I couldn't wait to get home and relax.

   I open my locker to get my homework and I found a letter that said my name on it. I shoved it in my bag and grab my homework. Before I could head out the door I was shoved into a locker. It was Rachael and her "gang". "Look bitch. Since Niall didn't show up today, someone is going to have to be punished. And if your not to fucking stupid to figure it out already it's you." Right after she said that I got blows to the face and knees to my gut. I walked home with a bloody nose and a huge bruise on my stomach.

   When I got home, my dad wasn't home which was a good and bad thing. Good because he isn't home duh and bad because he is out drinking and will most likely come home drunk and beat the crap out of me. So, I'm going to enjoy the time I have alone. I went in my room and started my homework. When I was looking for a pencil, I came across the letter. I slowly opened it.

It read:

Dear Carter,

   I'm sorry to have to tell you this in a letter, but facing you was just too hard. I felt like complete shit for hurting you, but there was a reason. Rachael threatened me that if I didn't date her she would hurt you more than she has. I knew I couldn't do that to you so I accepted. I was trying to protect you. So I decided I wasn't going to hurt you anymore, I am leaving to try out for the X-Factor. Your life is obviously better without me in it. Just remember you will always be my best friend.

                     Nialler xox


   There was tear stains all over the paper from where he was crying while he wrote it. My heart felt like it was ripped out of my chest. Niall was the only thing in my life that I actually cared about. Before I knew what I was doing I got up packed my suit case and started walking in the direction of the airport with my $3000 I had saved up over the years. Finally I ran away.

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