Maybe I Was Wrong About Him

Carter Hastings is best friends with Niall Horan, but happens when he betrays her and leaves her to survive on her own. Now she is running from her abusive father while trying to avoid her ex-Bestfriend. She is almost living on the streets when the one person she never expected to see again sneaks his way back into her life.... #FanficEntry


21. Hooters and Drunk Niall

Niall's P.O.V.

Zayn left about three hours ago and he said he would be back at four. It's now five. I started to get worried and called him. He didn't pick up. Five minutes later, I got a text from him saying:

Sorry, I was hanging out with this really cool girl I met today. I'll be home in an half and hour.

I said ok and put my phone down. Today was a messed up day. I slapped Carter, and it wasn't the first time it has happened.

There was no way she would accept my friendship ever again. Then again I could just leave for another four years and come back and hope everything will be alright. Scratch that. That's a stupid plan. I wasn't a kid anymore. I can't just run away from my problems. I have to face them. So, if I want to be Carter's friend again I going to have to face the facts that just a simple apology isn't going to work.

Zayn had finally got home. Therefore, I decided to take my mind off Carter and ask Zayn what he did today.

"Hey, so what did you do today?", I said while walking into his room. He looked at me confused.

"I hung out with Perrie and then some girl I met in the park. Why do you ask?", he questioned.

"You know. Just wondering. So what did you and the girl you met do?"

"Went by her place and played twenty questions. That's all.", he replied with a shrug.

"Does she know you're apart of One Direction?"

"No, and I'm planning on keeping it that way. So, I'm not letting you or the rest of the boys see her get until we become closer and she likes me for me. Got it." I nodded.

"Well, I'm gonna go grab something to eat. Do you want anything?", I asked politely. He shook his head and with that I left.

Carter's P.O.V.

I was at my apartment when I realized that I still need to find out a way to pay for everything. Then I realized that there was a bar called Hooters down the street that if you dress sluty enough your can get a job easily. Plus it's close so I dont have to walk that far.

I got dressed in a tight black crop-top and some short black shorts with black six inch wedge heels. Then I put my hair in a high ponytail and curled the ends and did my makeup. I did smoky eyes and bright red lipstick and left.

When I got there the manager eyed me up and down and motioned for me to go in his office. When I got in there I told him I wanted a job and he asked me if I could bartend and I said yes and he hired me as the new bartender.

I was put to work right away I had the dinner shift till 12 o clock.

Niall's P.O.V.

I was so upset that I decided to go to the bar and drink away my problems. I knew there was this one sluty bar near by so I decided to go there.

An hour after I was there I was totally wasted an making out with this slut named Natalie. I broke away and decided to go get another drink when I saw Carter dressed like a slut bartender. I started walking over to her.

Carter's P.O.V.

I was pouring a drink when I looked up and saw a Drunk Niall sitting in front of me. I almosted spilled the drink but I caught it and handed it to the customer. Then I looked at Niall. There is NO WAY he is going to ruin another job for me.

"NIALL! What are you doing here!?" I hissed.

"Well right now I want a beer and then I can go back to making out with one of the girls in this place. Maybe even you."he slurred his words and then winked.

"Niall! Your gonna ruin you image in One Direction! Not to mention probably get one of these girls pregnant! You know what give me your phone!" I demanded.

"Why do you want to put your number in it?" he purred handing me his phone.

"Yea... Sure." you said and you dial the contact Liam who's name was under in case of an emergency.

"Hello, Niall? Where have you been, mate?"Liam's voice full of worry.

"No, it's Carter, listen Niall is at the bar I work at and he is pissed drunk and he right now is making out with some slut in the corner and I'm worried about him." I rambled.

"Ok Carter thanks for calling me. I'll come pick him up now. What bar are you at?"

"Hooters." I reply and hang up. Ten minutes later Liam comes and I point him over to Niall and he pulls him off the girl and drags him to his car and leaves with him. I sigh in relief.

Niall's P.O.V.

I wake up the next morning with a pounding headache and no memory of how I got it. Suddenly Liam walked in and handed me an aspirin.

"What happened?"I asked confused.

"Well you tell me Carter called me from a bar with your phone all worried saying that you were so drunk you didn't even remember you own name and when I got there to pick you up you were basically having sex with some girl so I dragged you out before you got her pregnant and ruined One Direction. Thank god she called me."

"She w-was worried about me? She still cares about me?"

"Yes Niall. She saved you."

"She saved me." I repeated astonished.

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