Maybe I Was Wrong About Him

Carter Hastings is best friends with Niall Horan, but happens when he betrays her and leaves her to survive on her own. Now she is running from her abusive father while trying to avoid her ex-Bestfriend. She is almost living on the streets when the one person she never expected to see again sneaks his way back into her life.... #FanficEntry


24. Fist Fight

When I got there I saw Niall walking out of the funeral crying and a pang of anger hit me.

"NIALL!"I yelled to him crossing the street. He looked up surprised.

"Carter what are you doing here!? YOUR NOT SUPPOSED TO BE HERE!?"


"ARE YOU SURE I THINK YOU JUST WANT TO STOP ME FROM GOING TO THE FUCKING FUNERAL, WELL GUESS WHAT I WENT AND I DON'T FUCKING REGRET IT!"He yelled and me and suddenly I felt an arm around me and I looked up to see Jake there with a hard glare on Niall.

"You shouldnt talk to a girl like that!" Jake said.

"What are you doing here?"I looked at him astonished.

"Like I was gonna leave that girl I just met alone on the streets on Ireland alone." he said to me and I blushed then I Niall interrupted us.

"Who's this asshole?!" Niall asked and in his eyes I could see something. Jealousy? No. It can't be....

"Who are you calling an asshole you were just screaming at my friend!"Jake argued. Suddenly Niall eyes got dark and scary and without warning punched Jake square in the jaw.

Jake returned the favor by punching Niall and that they were in full out war. I tried to get in the middle to stop them but it wasn't working.

Suddenly Maura, Niall's mum, came running out of the funeral home and said,  "NIALL! What are you doing!? Oh I see your already met you cousin."

This news shocked them both they immediately stopped fight and looked at each other. Then at the same time they said,


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