How can i love him?...

Zoella has mixed feeling she doesn't like Alfie but someone else will she ever tell the truth...

Also something short for people who don't want to read a lot. <3


3. chapter 3

"Oh hi Zoe I haven't seen you in a while, shit I lost phill oh wait he's at the food court." Dan sad in his lazy voice. " look Dan I need to tell you something I'm...I'm in love with you." Zoe quickly let it slip at the end of get tung. You could tell Dan was shocked but he was happy at the same time, seeing as he had feelings for her to. "Zoe I love you to but what about Alfie you two are stilling dating, living together and sharing the same bed.

"I will tell him at the right time." Zoe said quietly.

"ALL YOU-TUBERS PLEASE MAKE IT TO THE STAGE." Said the person with the microphone.

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