In a world where Humans, Otherworlders, and Nightwalkers alike walk the streets it shouldn't come as a surprise that war would break out. With the fate of the world depending on one Master and a Sentinel who happened to be a Vavarree things are bound to get a little bit Treacherous.
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1. Voice of Reason Thy Name is Callaghan

We are all born into this world, planted in a place meant only for us.  We don’t have any say in where this place will be, but we must thrive. We must thrive against all odds.  To do this we are given a voice. A voice of reason, meant to guide us along the pre-chosen path-- our own pre-chosen path, one that no one but us can follow.

         “What a load of bullshit.” Callaghan mumbled while leaning over the ancient text. “Fuck prophecies and all this voo doo shit.”

         Survival requires tolerance and putting past transgressions aside, three powers must lead the fight when Humans and Nightwalkers unite. Sentinel of the shifters will find her Master. Only once mated and prosper the must, can they end the war.

         Two united with one will defeat the many.

         “Why must everything be so vogue? What happened to being clear, I thought the founders we all about being clear about what they wanted?”

         “Sentinel, you forget, the founders didn’t write the prophecies.  All prophecies come from oracles.”  Xavier, Callaghan’s Beta’s voice rang through the once silent room. “Oracles are not there to give us clear messages. I’m positive; giving vogue messages is in their job description.”

         “You never cease to amaze me Xavier, how you can be so serious when saying something like that is beyond me.” Callaghan laughed. “But I do agree, nevertheless. Oracles take vogue to a whole other level.”

         “You both are missing the fact that this has to be the clearest prophecy we have ever been given. I mean, come on guys, and remember the last one. ‘Fear not. You will find safe haven among an alien species.’ We weren’t even fearful nor did we need a haven but they had to go and give us a prophecy. One that caused fear and widespread panic, need I remind you.” Bailey voiced.

         Both Xavier and Callaghan turned towards the door. Neither had noticed the petite girl enter the room. This skill, among others, is what made Bailey the best guard. The fact that she was one of Callaghan’s most trusted friends made her the Master of the Guard.

         “I could never forget. We enacted the Need To Know Act shortly after.” Xavier sighed. His mother was among the masses that panicked, causing her to turn her back on the Pride and give up her Tiger.

         “We all suffered losses during The Panic. Some more than others,” Callaghan’s gaze shifted to Xavier, “The Act was put in place to prevent mass hysteria happening again without cause. No more unnecessary loss.”

         “Sentinel, what action are we taking in regards to the Nightwalkers. Leaders from all Prides and Packs are here. The Master’s will arrive momentarily. You have to make a statement.”

         “Yes, of course Bailey. Xavier, find Gabriel.” Callaghan ordered. “We will meet in the Blue Room, from there we will go into the meeting as a Pride.”




         Bailey and Callaghan went directly to the Blue Room, while Xavier went to find Gabriel and head over. While no Otherworlder would ever attack another species, it was an unwritten rule you must always show unity and loyalty when meeting with another. Whether it is another Pride, a Pack, or a Vampire House. Wolf-Shifters have it the worst. Since Wolfs are naturally pack oriented it takes more authority to control a Pack. That means a whole group of Wolf-Shifters must come to every meeting, annoying and pricey for the Pack.

         “Sentinel.” Gabriel, Omega of Callaghan’s Pride, spoke upon entering the room.

         “Xavier Beta, Gabriel Omega, and Bailey Master of The Guard tonight is a night for the history books. We must stand united. I pray your loyalty stand’s strong and never falters. I promise, as Sentinel of the Greater European and Russian Pride, my loyalty will not fail. Not tonight, not ever.”

         “Our Sentinel. Our Pride. Our Family.” The three recited in unison.




         There are a million and one possible explanations as to why every pair of eyes were glued to Callaghan the moment she walked through the door. Quite possibly it was because she is an attractive un-mated female or because she is female and happens to be the only Sentinel in this time. More likely than not, over half of the eyes are glued to her because out of all the leaders to call this meeting, a meeting that is not only necessary but also vital to their survival, it was her. A woman. Un-mated at that. For Wolf-Shifters females are at the bottom, even their mate is ranked below their fourth in command. Vampires are better than Wolves, their mate is only ranked below their Vavarree.

         Only one set of eyes is glued to her for a different reason and though others of his kind may think it is only because she is the purest Vavarree that he wants her, he knows its because they are destined to be together. The Weavers of Life chose to intertwine their lives in the most intimate way possible. He is her Mate.

         “I have called you all here today in regards to a matter we simply cannot ignore. War is coming. We must be ready. As Sentinel I want to reassure you though Shifters must band together with Vampires, an alliance no party involved is especially enthusiastic about, in this time of great need, nothing will stop me from seeking justice if anyone –and I mean anyone, causes harm to any of the Allies. Humans will stop at nothing to eliminate not only Vampires but Shifters alike, they have sided with the Nightwalkers. This added to the horrific crimes they have committed against Otherworlders, makes them the enemy. That being said we cannot, and will not tolerate fighting among ourselves. We are unable to afford loss due to fighting amongst ourselves. Tonight, Otherworlders of all species must unite against a common enemy. Together we can win this war.”

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