Just a little letter i wrote for my old Best friend....


1. i miss you

I miss you 

I miss our Weird Way to be together on, i miss our silly Texts, i miss our long talks, i miss being hold by you, i miss using your chest as a pillow, i miss texting you All Night long without you getting bored by me, i miss your comford in hard times, i miss the Way you talked about me when you thought i werent listening like i was the only thing you cared about, i miss the Way you used to look at me, i miss the long talks, i miss you, i love you.

And im used to text or Call you when something happens, but i cant, cus im sure you wouldnt reply, cus your still mad at me because of the Way that i just without warning or telling you why, i cutted the contact. So im sure that you wouldnt reply to my scream for help, even when im crying Right now.

And the friends we share tells me that you misses me and says you say it often, but Then why is it that you havent talked to me since the Day i Said goodbye?

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