You Can Never Be Too Punk Rock


2. What??

Jazmine's POV

"Come on, Angelyn! Tell us!" I whined at one of my three closest friends. Angelyn has been ignoring Katelyn and me for two weeks because she said she was switching schools for senior year, and I was annoyed with it.

"Oh hey, look," She said still trying to avoid the subject.

"Just tell us! You don't want us more annoyed and angry,." Katelyn whined even more. Oh yeah, forgot to tell you. NEVER. GET. KATELYN. MAD. We each have a special... ability. Katelyn's is she can kick some definite ass. Not kidding. Last time someone pissed Katelyn off, they were put in a coma. Her hair flamed bright pink and her eyes turned red. That was three months ago. Poor lad's still in the hospital. Angelyn has the ability to be able to lie without getting caught. But when she's caught her hair turns blue and her eyes turn dark blue. No one can tell if she's lying or not. I can tell what someone's feeling. When I'm around the person or people my hair gets lighter and my eyes turn light blue.

"Jazmine!" I hear Katelyn yell.

"What?" I ask.

"I'm going to bed talk to you girls later. Bye." Katelyn says.

"Bye!" Angelyn and I say.

"I guess I better go to. Bye Jaz." Angelyn says.

"Bye!" I say. I look at my clock and it read 9:45. I mentally cursed and set my phone on my dresser and got up, turn off the light and walked to my bed. I lay down on the comfy mattress and think about the start of senior year at high school: Katelyn turning 18, Angelyn and I turning 19, Katelyn's chorus performances, the school's band performances. It'll be great. Once I grab my blanket and lay side, I'm out like a light.


I woke up to the sound of my alarm blaring 'Good Girls' by 5 Seconds of Summer. I look at the time and groan. I hate waking up at 6. I get up and do my morning routine, which consists of me showering, getting dressed, brushing my teeth, checking my phone (twitter and instagram), texting Dianna, Angelyn, and Katelyn. I grab my book bag, my phone, and my keys and head out the door of my small apartment, making sure to lock the door. I walk down the driveway and unlock my car, getting in my black range rover. I start the car and and I receive a text from Dianna.

Dianna :P - Hey! Guess what?

Me - What?

Dianna :P - Just guess!

Me - You're going to a 5 Seconds of Summer signing?


Me - WHAT?! HOW?!!??

Dianna :P - Drive me and I'll explain.

I look out my window and see Dianna waving at me.

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