You Can Never Be Too Punk Rock


5. Hey??

Katelyn's POV

After I went to several classes to get Angie's, Jaz's, Dianna's, and my schedule, I found the girls sitting in the quad.

"Hi!" I heard a cheery, Australian voice behind me. I spin on the heel of the black slip-on vans I was wearing. I realize four of my old best friends, Luke Hemmings, Calum Hood, Ashton Irwin, and Michael Clifford, were standing behind me. My jaw drops in shock. Ashton laughs and puts his index finger under my chin and closed my mouth.

I look at the papers in my hands and find my schedule, set the others on the table behind me and walk as fast as I can toward the office, embarrassed.

I was just about to open the office door when I heard someone call my name, "Katelyn! Wait up!"

I turn around to find Luke and Ashton running toward me. They stop in front of me and try to catch their breath. I smile and laugh a bit.

"Whatcha need, boys?" I ask the two out of breathe Aussies.

"Can you help us find our classes?" Luke asks.

"Umm, sure give me a minute." I reply. They nod and sit on the floor. I laugh again and open the door to the office. I take six steps inside and am greeted by Julio Dorman, one of my guy best friends, Mr Henry & Mr Igor, the assistant principals, the office staff, and Ms Johnson, the principal.

"Katelyn! I thought you moved!" Ms Johnson exclaims.

"No, my mom said I'll leave in mid March." I explain. They nod understandingly.

Mr Nye, my science teacher last year, and Ms Brennan, my chorus teacher, walk in with Mr Lane, my English teacher last year, talking about a student moving during the summer and being a bible club leader.

"I didn't move yet!" I yelled scaring everyone, even Julio though he lives with me and Angelyn. I tend to yell a lot. The office staff looked at me like I was crazy. Why do people think I moved?

Here's the explanation: Last year I had trouble with academics and my mom was contacted and one of her co workers friends is a principal and she said if there are more problems this year she would transfer me to Hollywood Arts High School.

*20 minutes later*

I walk out of the office, expecting to see Luke and Ashton sitting by the office, but they weren't there. A little sad, I walk away from the office. I was almost to the table Angelyn, Jazmine, and Dianna were sitting and my phone starts blaring Eminem's song 'The Monster (feat. Rihanna)'. I dig it out of my back pocket and look at the screen which had a picture of me and my step-brother, Louis Tomlinson, with his name above it.

"Hello?" I answer.

"Hello, Katelyn!" a chorus of two voices rang through the receiver.

I laughed softly and said," Hey lads, what's going on? I'm at school so I can't talk much."

"What school do you go to?" a non familiar voice said. I heard some mumbling. The same person said, " Sorry, I'm Liam."

"I'm Zayn."


"Two things, one: hi, two: do they know, Tom." I asked my weirdo of a brother.

"Yes they know, Kat. I'm not stupid, you know." He said with a 'duh' tone.

"Bye!" I said and hung up on his ass.

"Fucker." I mumbled under my breath.

*a/n : this will be in third person*

~Skip to after school~

"Jaz! Come on!" Dianna called, "Kat and Angie are already at soundcheck."

Jazmine starts running to her car where Dianna stood, impatiently waiting. Jazmine unlocked the car and threw her stuff in the backseat.

"Do you know how to get there?" Dianna asked.

"Do you?" Jazmine replied, sassily I might add.

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