Santa's daughters

This is a story I came up with a while back.
Blair, that's short for Blairina, has a twin, her name is Holly. The thing about these twins is that they're the daughters of Mr. Santa J. Clause himself. Blair is not magic, Holly is. All the elves seem to think that Holly is going to be the next Santa, yes Santa can be a girl, but Blair wants to prove them wrong.


1. Santa's daughter


   My name is Blairina, but everyone calls me Blair. I live in a large house, connected to a factory. My room, or as I call it loft, over looks the factory. In my small space I have a ton of books. I also have a dog. Well I have to share it with Holly. Her name is Minty. My dad makes our family live in the North Pole. I don't mind it but Holly complains. My dad is someone VERY special. He delivers presents to children all over the world. Yes my father is Santa Clause. The factory is where all the elves work. My sister Holly and I go to elf school with the other kids, even thought we're bigger than them. I have one friend named Bells. She has to use a doll wheel chair my father made. 

 Holly and I don't look the same. She has white hair with green and red highlights. I have brown with a lite red. She has green eyes and I have brown. Most of the elves think she'll be the next Santa (Yes a girl can be Santa). Our dad named Holly after his great grandmother. Our mom named me after her mother. Also Holly has magic. She can make wishes come true, mostly her own. And finally, Holly's mean spirited. She enjoys breaking un sendable toys. It makes me sad. I am sometimes able to sneak away a stuffed animal and save it. That's my magic. I can heal things. My fathers toys are magic. They are alive until they're given. That's the great thing about toys. They can choose what kid they want to go to, if any. They give up they're life for they're kids. That's a life all it's own.

 Our mom was like any other person. She met our father when he was playing secret Santa at her local mall. She was an elf. They went out, got married, and had us. She looks like a model. Moms skin is a fair white and she has a few freckles. She looks like me. And well.... Oh wait mom needs help with a doll dress.

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