It was what seemed as a normal morning. But it was far from it. with the collapse of the us dollar and america with no leader. it has fallen and Jake and Eddie are chased by two groups armed to the teeth through this fictional american city.
There is a group that wants to save america and Eddie and Jake may have been invited into that group. This is their Story.


2. Im Awake! - Part B

Running full speed we had to stop for air. we had not noticed we ran deep

into the 3rd faction of the city. The Most dangerous part to be in at 6:30 am.

Three guys in a mask were now the least of our worries. But There was one problem

no one was outside. We heard screaming in the distance. only to see what looked like a man running for his life, and right behind him followed two bicycles with two girls wielding

sawed off shot guns. BANG! and just like that the man was put to rest. The girls saw us and and began shooting. Running Down a Dark wet alley I could hear Eddie. " WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING ON TONIGHT!". I didn't know so i kept straight. When we got to the end of the alley i spotted the Blue And Silver Car And They spotted us too!. We had to think quick. because on both ends of the alley were either a weird group of guys, or

crazy shotgun wielding girls. and with bullets flying at us from both ends we had no time to waste. We ran into the first door we saw. BANG! Eddie got punched by something.........  

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