The Birdsong


1. Chapter 1

All stories begin with once upon a time and end with happily ever after. Well, my story begins with a girl who wants nothing more than to be accepted and loved for who she is. She wants to fit in, but God's story for her up in heaven is written quite differently than how she imagined it. 

My name is Jessica Black and I am 16 years old. I have an older sister named Kristen, who is 19 and the most wonderful parents. My life seems perfect honestly, I have a family and I'm a church girl, I've got Simms, my best friend. Yet, so many people pick on me, bully me and hate me for no reason. 

That's the reason self harming seems like refuge to me. My scars run along my arms and even though they hurt after a while the pain becomes pleasure. You know, teen-agers thsese days take pleasure in music, graphics, and especially boy bands, but I'm not like any other teen ager. 

I feel myself fall asleep as I hear my teacher blabbaling on and on about Negative Slopes. 

"Jessica," I hear the voice of my favourite person say.

"Mhm," I hum. 

"Ms.Madison is looking at you," He says. 

I pick my head up from the desk and look at Simms.

" I don't care." I say, and go back to sleep.

By the time I wake up I realize that Math period is over and that it's lunch time. I gather my things then, walk out of the classroom. 

"Jess!" I hear Simms call. 

I stop in my tracks and wait for him to catch up. 

"Did you hear the news?" He asks as we start walking towards the cafeteria. 

I frown looking t the floor. 

"What news?" I ask curiously. 

"No more classes after lunch. We have visitors." He announces.

"Do we know who yet?" I ask as we walk through the cafeteria doors and I see every girl, either applying make up, screaming or jumping while screaming. 

"I think the view explains," He says.

"No it doesn't, but let me guess. A famous person?" I ask

"Not one," He answers. " Five of them" 

I stop in my tracks. He must be joking. 

As far as I know five famous equal a boy band, and a boy band with five people equals One Direction. I get annoyed by this realization and walk to catch up with Simms.

"Did 5 Seconds of Summer add another member?" I ask playing dumb. 

Simms laughs. "No," He says. "It's One Direction." 

I roll my eyes.

Don't get me wrong. I have nothing against those boys it's just it's just I don't like them. Why? Because they are act as though they have everything at their feet! I mean who buys a 3.4 million dollar house except Harry Styles!? Louis is supposedly gay, Liam is always going through hear-breaks, and Zayn is getting married. You might have noticed I left Niall out and that's because he actually thinks of the people in need; out of all of them he is the one that thought about the charity game, but even he can be selfish. From where I'm standing they all just look careless, selfish little brats. 

"C'mon!" Simms says. "Give the boys a chance." I look at him annoyed.

"Remind me why you're my best friend." I say.

"Because I'm the only other person that is as crazy as you are and because we've been partners in crime since 6 grade."  He answers. 

"Right." I say remembering 6 grade. 

"My problem is that I'm the normal one here and you're just plain mean." He points out.

"You mean I'm the normal one, you're a Directioner." I say.

"Yeah,but not hardcore!" He defends.

"Still a fan of those boys, and I'm not mean." 

"Yes you are, have you heard any of their songs?" 

I shake my head, lying.

"See, you are mean!" 

"How?" I ask.

"I asked you to listen to at least one of their songs over 2 months ago." 

"Sorry," I say "I just don't find any intrest."

"You owe me one." He says.

"Okay," I say casually. 

"I dare you to..." He thinks for a second then, the biggest of smiles appear on his face.

"I dare you to ask them a question when we go see them after lunch." 

"Fine," I say having no choice. 

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