The Chase » Hemmings

Throughout high school Noelle has been infatuated with the arrogant Luke Hemmings but when they both start college it's Luke chasing Noelle.


1. prologue

n o e l l e

After several minutes it was getting uncomfortable the way Luke was gazing at me and continuously biting his lip.

Just as I was about to stand up to leave the room, Luke strolls over to me and plops down beside me.

"How about we head upstairs?" Luke whispers in my ear. The smell of mint and alcohol clung to his breath.

"How about no," I reply, moving to the other end of the couch.

"That wasn't your opinion last year." He pouts and shuffles closer.

"Well things change, Luke." I shrug, lifting my cup to my lips.

"Have I just suddenly turned into shrek?" He asks, places his hands over his cheeks and gasping.

"No, you're still hot," I mumble.

"I think there's a spare bedroom," He mentions.

"It's still a no."

"What will it take? Me chasing you for 2 years," He groans.

"This isn't the chase and you and me will never happen," I say seriously despite knowing I would probably easily fall for Luke again.

But also knowing he would never fall for me and this was all just a game to him.

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