The Chase » Hemmings

Throughout high school Noelle has been infatuated with the arrogant Luke Hemmings but when they both start college it's Luke chasing Noelle.


4. chapter three

n o e l l e

Dressed in black skinny jeans a random band shirt, I padded down my stairs and walked to the door.

I swung it open and slipped my shoes on simultaneously.

Luke appeared by the threshold, clad in practically the same sort of clothes as me.

"Fan of blink 182," He observes.

"Fan of Nirvana," I say back, closing the front door.

"Well your chariot awaits." He gestures forward. "Okay it's just my mums car but don't judge me."

I chuckle and open the car door.


Music filled my ears as I crossed the threshold.

The smell of cigarette smoke lingered in the hall.

Luke dragged me into the kitchen where he grabbed several alcoholic drinks.

"I'm not gonna drink any of that stuff you know," I notify him, plopping down on a chair.

"It's not for you." He sticks his tongue at me and grins.

He takes a seat next to me and opens his beer.

"You have to brush your teeth after drinking that," I tell him.

"What? It's not like we're gonna kiss or anything." He raises the bottle to his lips.

"I don't want to talk to you if you have beer breath."

He chuckles and sits the bottle on the table without taking a sip.

"Let's dance."

Before I could protest, he gripped my hand and dragged me out of the kitchen.

The room was infested with intoxicated teenagers all unceremoniously dancing to the deafening music. Luke dragged me into the centre of the room where the speakers blustered out obnoxious music.

"Can't we just stay in the kitchen," I whine.

He stares down at me, a smirk tugging at the corners of his mouth.

"But the party is just getting started."

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