the day that my life changed forever

Maybe there is oblivion maybe the state of being unaware of your surroundings is a form f unconsciousness but will anybody ever know for sure. chances are that they won’t. but who knows. well for one two the chance of a lifetime came by just going to her local Nandos and just happened to see a person who only causes trouble there. well anyways I’m Kaylee and this is my story.


1. breakfast and running into niall horan

“kaylee ts time to get up”

i rolled over to look at my alarm clock it was only 5:30am

“mom but its only 5:30”

“ i know sweet but i need u to run to the store to get some eggs and milk for breakfast were having guests over or breakfast”

“ok who”

“maura and her son Niall”


"yeah niall have you heard of the band one direction”

“like only a million times”


i can’t believe the one and only niall horan is going to be in my house my kaylee styles house. so i headed out the door and got the things for breakfast.


-skips shopping-


i got back home and i gave my mom the groceries so then it was only 7:00 so i went upstairs to get ready so i took a shower did my hair and makeup i went for a more natural look. i curled my hair and put on a some blinged out jeans a arizona sweater a pair of combat boots, and a pair of sparkly owl earnings.


i went downstairs to find that niall ,his sister maddison,and his mom maura were already here because it was 10:30. 

i introduced my self and i felt like niall was staring at me but i just ignored it and i had to excuse my self because i was starstruck. 


so i went upstairs to call my bff janaya

j: hey girl whats up?

k: u will never guess who’s in my house right this second?

J: who?

K; well went let me just say it somebody from a very special band called one direction!

J: is it Niall Freaking Horan?

K; you bet it is!

we both screamed

i hear a knock at the door

K: i have to go someones at the door.

j:bye sister.

k: bye


I went and awnsered the door it was niall 

N: oh sorry do u know where the bathroom is at?

k: yeah its down there hall and to the right.

n: thanks

k: hey niall nice meeting you I’m a big fan.

n: nice meeting you to hey would you like to go and get some dinner sometime 

K: like a date?

n: well i guess thats what its called when 2 people go some place along unless they’re just friends which we can be if u want?”

k: its totally up to you and yes i would love to go on a date with you:)”

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