Tiger's Revenge

just a poem I have decided to revisit and revise


1. Tigers Revenge

Tiger silently stalked through fertile land,

Lightly crushing fields sown by man.

Man, his greatest enemy the hunter, with sharp weapons and cunning mind;

Claiming products of tiger's territory, his prey, water and home

Tiger trudges on driven to continue his only mission, survival 

He's seen the worst of man, stealing even the hides

From his back for simple luxury

Tiger's seen what man has done to other animals

Broken against their will forced to labor

But Tiger will not bow, he is a cat, he is wild  and untame

Nothing, no one, will take Tiger's freedom

Even now the human think they've won

As Tiger sits within their  harsh, humiliating cage

Tiger worries not for he will see his land again

Remain unbroken dreaming of wilder places, untouched by even the most evil beast

Every drop of blood he spills will nourish desire he shares with all his kin

Assert his will to live to see his world again




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