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1. little secrets

Rosie's P.O.V

I wake up and look at my clock and it's 10:00 pm I scream shit and jump out of bed hop in the shower and I wash my bright red hair when I'm done my shower I get out and rap my white towel around me and blow sry my hair once my hair is dry I go to my and put on my high wasted black shorts and my short from pick that black and white shirt .

I go back to the bath room and curl my hair in loose curls and apply some mascara and eye liner black like always I walk down stairs and hop on my bike start the ingenue drive 5 blocks down to school when some ass hole takes my parking spot I grab the one that I find closer to the front

(In school)

I walk in class second period

* I'm so glad you could join us miss Rosie take a seat* *thanks for offering the seat I say snarky* *i don't like your aditude young lady detention after school* * oh thank you * I take my seat the seat next to me is empty I put my feet on the seat next to me when this guy with brown curly hair and beautiful green eyes walks in the guy in the car that took my parking spot * hello can I help you* the teacher says to the tall guy next to her *im new* *your Harry* * yes that's me* *take a seat next to um Rosie* he looks at me walks over I'm at the back of the class so I get a good look at him

*sup* he says and looks at me * not much you* *same* he says in that hot British voice *what am I talking about he's an ass

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