Lotus The Warrior Princess

Lotus is the High Princess of the Great Empire of Kila'Konea, first born to her parents, and now engaged to the neighbouring prince in order to join the two large empires and thus, secure an ally. After being on the road travelling their land for three years, Lotus and her father have returned to their home, to their family.

But, what will happen when Lotus' and her father's deepest secret is revealed the very same day that they return, putting their efforts to being in vain? What will happen to her and her mother's relationship when she finds out? What else could possibly go wrong?


3. The Gardens...

Lotus was standing over the dead body of the exiled Lord Komoshi. Emperor Kinomore rushed to his eldest daughter's side and pushed past her to double check that she had finished the vile exiled Lord.

"Lotus, what happened?" he demanded of his daughter, taking in her gory and grime appearance with the blood of her attacker still dripping from her fan and her new kimono.

"He made vulgar and inappropriate comments and threats unto the Empire and the Empire Family. He attempted to rape me, promising to take me as his wife and then to slaughter all of my family and rape the women and make us watch while we were unable to get anything accomplished except to live in pain for the rest of my life after he kills you and keeps me." She deadpanned.

The Emperor paled and pulled his daughter to his chest. " You did well, Flower. My little Warrior Princess."

"Mama knows." Lotus said quietly.

Her father becamd rigid. "How?" He forced out.

"She saw me from the Nursery Window. I had no choice though, Papa. What is going to happen now?"

"Now, now we are going to be fed to the lion's pit." He flinched.

"What do you mean, Papa?" Lotus asked dazedly.

"He means, hes about to become unable to produce any heirs at all for the rest of his miserable life." a dangerous voice growled behind them.

The Emperor stiffened and turned around with a sheepish grin on his face with his daughter clutched to his chest to look at his scary wife in all her glory of seething anger. 

The Emperor paled and backed away from her. "Hello, my dear, wonderful, loving wife and Empress. How are you this fine and beautiful day?" He whispered, trying to get on her good side. 

"You trained my daughter to be the Warrior Princess?!" She shrieked. 

"I asked Papa to. He told me all of the wonderful stories about the original Warrior Princess and I loved it. For years, I've wanted to become her. Did you know that we are directly descended from her?!" Lotus said chipperly.

"Is that so? Kinomore...what is it that my daughter is speaking of? How did she learn all of the things that she knows about the first Warrior Princess, Princess Sayaka?" Her mother asked with a dangerous look in her eyes. 

"Well, my dear..." Kinomore said, looking for an excuse.

"Mama! Were you named after the first Warrior Princess?" Lotus asked. 

Her mother paused and looked around, searching for the other two children. "We must retire this conversation to the our chambers, Lotus." Sayaka said with a sigh. 

Lotus looked at her mother and knew immediately that her mother was the original. She looked at her mother and said, "Why did you stop? Why did you hide it from us, Mama?"

Ignoring her daughter, they made their ways to Lotus' parents' room. When they reached it, Sayaka stiffened and glowered at her husband in annoyance. "She's too smart for her own good, Kinomore. What you've been teaching her has made her a huge target from everyone now!

"You were here when they attacked the Palace! And you want that to happen to our daughter and her husband and family? I could have lost Lotus all those years ago because of my stupid self believing that I could amount to anything. Lotus, you do not want to go down this road. I almost lost you, your father, and my life. Don't take it for granted."

"Mama, tell me the story of you and Papa." Lotus said quietly. 

Sayaka looked at her daughter and began her fairy tale love story. 

"There one was a young Japanese lady named Sayaka who had been shunned by her father for being attacked and raped by a lord; making her impure. She was beat mercilessly day and night by her father and older brothers. Her mother would just stand there in the corner and watch, no emotion showing. 

"This young lady endured this for many years, crying every day as her own family beat her half to death, sleeping outside for the same was too much for her family to allow her into the family home. 

"On one day, it became too much for her to handle and she ran away from her home and family. Half way through the day, she fainted from the straining her wounds were under going. The High Prince of the country found her and took her to his palace with the intent of healing her. 

"Many years passed and young Sayaka grew more mature as did the High Prince. They fell deeply in love with each other and were soon married. The Emperor died shortly after their wedding and they were pronounced the new Emperor and Empress and the Empress was with child. The rest is yet unfinished." 

Lotus looked at her mother and asked, "Why did you train?  Why did you become the Warrior Princess?"

"To protect myself and the ones I love."



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