Animagus Revealed

Have you ever wondered what your Animagnus would be if you had one? If you were a dog like Sirius Black? A cat like McGonagall? Or you could be something diffrent entirely! Just follow the easy instructions in chapter one to find out which animal your Animagnus would be!


5. Vampotter

Vampotters Description-

     Ginger/brown curly hair and pale skin. Lots of freckles. Shy but sometimes gets over it. Reads alot. (Harry Potter) Gets angry easy. Though calms down soon enough. People who don't know Vampotter often think she is sarcastic, but she doesn't like hurting other people or there feelings unless they hurt some one else's. 

     Your Animagus is a Redtailed Hawk. Like the hawk, you are shy, but not too shy. (Like how hawks watch from a distance but never too close) Hawks are smart animals, and are often misunderstood. Your Animagus is dappled brown on its chest and dappled brown and dark brown on its back, wings and head. The tail is a reddish colour. Almost rusty.   

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