Animagus Revealed

Have you ever wondered what your Animagnus would be if you had one? If you were a dog like Sirius Black? A cat like McGonagall? Or you could be something diffrent entirely! Just follow the easy instructions in chapter one to find out which animal your Animagnus would be!


19. Trinity Butler

Trinity Butler's Description-

Long brown hair. Brown eyes. Medium nose, regular ears. Mistaken to be 13. Knows alot about dogs. Crus when someone yells at someone else. Cant control self in anger. All ways happy to make new friends. Very talk active and gets frustrated easy when tired. Gets bored easy. Cant sprint far. Great t writing and reading. 

     Your Animagus is a Beagle! Like the Beagle you are smart and always happy to make new friends. Beagles need something to keep them busy and can sometimes be moody. Your Animagus is Brown with a white belly. Your Animagus ranges in diffrent shades of brown. Your eyes are brown.

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